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Competition for the queen of Fendi bag, the winner goes to ‘Baguette’ (pronounce Be-get). It is also not too much if I say that Baguette is one of the most popular bag that has been created. The story began in 1997 when Silvia Venturini Fendi (granddaughter of Edoardo and Adele Fendi, founder of this brand in 1925) inspired to design this purse that has short shoulder length strap and it can be carry as the way French women carry their bread; baguette. Silvia called the beg Le Baguette.


At the beginning, it was sold for merely USD50 (around RM200.00) and it is only for editors, stylist and fashion insiders. It doesn’t take long before fashiotronomic start to smell the freshly made baguette.


Peoples are really crave and hungry for Baguette. On the first year, Fendi manage to sell about 100,000 Baguettes and after ten years almost 800,000 baguettes was sold. The highest price of baguette is USD60, 000.00 (signed by Sharon Stone for Aids Charity Auction in 2007).


Why it is so over the top? Because baguette are made in few different version (but still adapt the same design). Everybody can relate to baguette. The baguette evolves from shrunken and enlarged version. This work of art comes in lizard, crocodile, denim, mink, and pony skin. Some of the baguettes are embroidered with beads, pearls, sequins and even gold thread. Of course, you can deny the highest quality of Fendi crafmanship.

The removable strap makes it practical for day and evening use. If you in your office wear, you can carry on the shoulder. In the evening, just remove the strap and it becomes clutch. To make it more irresistible and keep us thinking ‘how the big F come with that idea’ is ‘night and day’ version. One side of the leather is for day and the other side is for night. It is just a matter of flipping. Interesting isn’t it?

If you are 20 years old, you can always carry Baguette in colourful Pantone Shades or denim, if you are 60 years old grandma, you can get the baguette in classic black crocodile skin. To date there are almost 1,000 version of Baguette has been created. My favourite? Oversize baguette at Fendi Spring /Summer 08. It is very practical to keep my document and it can be the most stylish some kind of messenger bag.


So don’t you really just want to taste this luxury loaf?


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Sometime I wonder how and why I am so into Miuccia Prada. Sometimes the design is simple and price is ridiculously expensive but when she comes with new collection my head just said it is Prada. There must something about it.

There must be something about Prada this time is Nappa Stripes Hobo. Construct from exclusive smooth Nappa leather (of course). For your convenient it has detachable top handle and shoulder strap. Clutch, satchel and shoulder bag in one bag. To keep your cell phone in a safe place it comes with magnetic snap closure. Because of it’s size, this bag only for you to keep survival essential like your plastic cards, gloss and a few notes. I am grateful Prada comes with this bag after a bit (just a tiny weeny bit) not so my favourite nylon bag. Phew…..


Call it Hobo but it doesn’t take long before somebody snap this and it you will see it in a very good care of a permanent owner. More interesting is this bag not only come in predictable black but a gorgeous colour like purple. If you are in mood for colour power, go for Stripes Multicolor Small Hobo in combination of any turquoise-violet-orange-pink-black-red. It just like carry a very exclusive and expensive candy. Perfect with your plain white or black or anything plain BUT not with your rainbow inspired dress.


Some of my friend are they don’t really know how to match a very multiple coloured bag (if they do not want to wear any black or white). The best way is to choose one colour from the bag. If the colour suit you, choose your dress form that colour. Easy isn’t?


This bag is perfect for day and night. I say this is one very cute exclusive bag! Anyone disagree?

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Studded belt ala Carrie Bradshaw

After watching Sex and The City the movie and I realize studded belt that Sarah Jessica Parker @ Carrie Bradshaw keep flaunting. It is so outstanding. No wonder why stylist, Patricia Field match this studded belt with different outfits throughout the movie.

I found after “Goggle Carrie Bradshaw studded belt” and found out that this is in Patricia Field website… No wonder…

But I read that the actual belt in Sex and the City movie is vintage..

This is the trend to look for. The belt is not too bulky and not too wide. Just fit for almost everyone. It will make your waist look slimmer and most importantly you can match it for day and evening wear. You can wrap the belt on your plain white shirt and black pants or skirt with patent leather pumps for your. On weekend, it is suitable with flirty floral dress like Carrie did. But tone down your style. Avoid too many details like beads or sequined on your dress or other accessories.

It is kind of Punk or Gladiator style. I guess after the Gladiator sandal and shoes from Balenciaga make quite a splash (and still), here comes Gladiator style studded belt. Let see how long this wave affect the SJP fan and all the fashionista.


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How are you? Hope you’re really having the peace that you are longing for.


Before I go further I would like to let you know that I am writing this letter tell you that you’ve done a “great job for the past few decades” and nobody can challenge that statement.


I read somewhere while you’re studying in Chambre Syndicale de La Couture you send sketch to French Vogue . The editor really love your sketch (it is not a surprised) and they publish it right away. You must be really excited! The light is shining to you.


How do feel when you’re working with Christian Dior at the tender age of 17 and lead the creative team of the House when you are 21? Talk about some riot when you include crocodile leather motorcycle jacket as part of the haute couture collection. Back then it is such a shock. But you have eyes for the future.


Pierre Berge and you start the label in 1962. That is when you can come with some unexpected masterpiece like the androgynous, perfectly cut women tuxedo ‘Le Smoking’. Borrowed clothes from men and make it looks sexy. I also love your safari suit and the bohemian theme collection. Who can actually make safari wear look sexy? Only you!

Your breakthrough unisex scent Eau Libre that was launch in 1975 proof that that is no such thing as gender differences. You never discriminate and people loves you for that. Black model really get their break when you grace them on the runway like the late Katoucha Niane to the fierce phone throwing Naomi Campbell (opsss!). She turn to you when French Vogue refuse to grace the cover because having black model on cover is a big No-No and never done before. The spell has been broken when you refuse to let your design to be featured in the cover of French Vogue if no black policy apply. It is history when the first black model on the cover of August 1988 French Vogue. Guess who signing for YSL fall/winter 2008 campaign now?


So many women should thank you like Catherine Deneuve, LouLou de La Falaise and Betty Catroux. I can say that you make them famous! When you love particular ladies, she is on the way to stardom. Because only you can make them famous.


Now your empire include everything from accessories to cosmetics. Your initial is everywhere. It is a symbol of luxury and classy.



On June 1 2008, you are 71 and it is time for you to say goodbye. You leave your glamorous mark everywhere. We love you for that!







p/s: I am sending this in Y mail patent bag straight to your boutique in

Paris. This bag is perfect for casual days. A practical bag for books to groceries. It is timeless and set to be one more classic IT YSL bag. It is also available in clutch.


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I am sure most of the bag-holic have that C signature print Coach bag. The signature C has become the item that should cling into your shoulder or hand. It is classic and almost everyone I knew has it (even a aome guys) . It is ok if you can’t get enough the signature C but it is not a reason for you to ignore others. It is still Coach but sans the signature C. Believe me it is worth to read this entry.

Inspired by one of the most popular street in New York City Manhattan, the collection is a mirror of American lifestyle. Bleecker Street, used to be a center for American Bohemia and now it is a rendezvous for music lovers to comedy remedy seekers. Now, Bleecker Street is Coach latest muse and it is also where Legacy Coach boutique is located.


Some of the Bleecker’s still look amazing with the signature C print, but my favourite is bleecker leather patchwork in snakeskin with leather trim. Come in tote and clutch, the design is modern, sophisticated, luxury yet fun. Available in brass/blue multicolour.

Coach never failed to adapt practicality into the bag design. The Tote is big enough to accommodate laptop (don’t worry it is Coach, so you can trust on its durability). You can put your life into this bag because inside it is a fabric lining with compartment/pockets for cell phone and zip top closure. With this tote you can go straight for daily groceries (no plastic bag please!) after your hectic day at the office.


If you think that big bag is only for Olsen twins and Nicole Ritchie, you can choose Bleecker patchwork snakeskin clutch. It is not like some designer clutch that serves no purpose and (only work on the red carpet). Inside this clutch, there are pockets for your plastics, multipurpose pockets, bill compartment and coin pocket. It is suitable with your company dinner function dress to your girl night out jeans.

You don’t have to go to the Bleecker in NY to experience the American culture. All you have to do is toting or clutching it.

Visit or

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Chloe latest offering, Saskia Tote bring back my childhood memory. No. I did not receive this as my 8th birthday gift or the bag that launches my grandma business (that is another story) but it is resemblance to my school backpack back in 1980’s (still in my primary school of course. Hello…I am very old!). The design, the bulkiness and especially the two front pocket where I put my Tupperware.

Oh.. one more memory. It is also just like my father tool bag. The bag where he keeps the screwdriver, nuts, nail and everything (not like I really interested with the tool bag, well let say I am more interested with my mom’s bag!). Why bother to rush to the boutique in your Chloe quilted ankle boots or clicking at home in See by Chloe Tank Top when some review that I read call it the most hideous bag that ever invented when somebody snap the photo of Kate Bosworth toting this tote? Some people can be so mean! That is not good darling…

This bag is not that bad! This leather bag with handles and two pockets on front (did I mention it earlier), zip fastening across the top and on front pocket and canvassing lining. The design make it looks bulky tote but it is not heavy. The bulkiness and the pockets can save your life. Just put everything in like your Cri de Coeur Women’s Chloe Peep Toe Flat for after work quick shopping, tampon for emergency leaking, cell phone or Evian in the pockets. Forget your coin clutch because this bag has more than enough pocket to put your coins. So convenient…

Angelina Jolie should get one. The reason is because she has liked half a dozen kids and how to keep the milk bottle or baby napkin? In Chloe Saskia of course!

But she has Brad Pitt and a dozen of nannies who can carry all that. Gwyneth Paltrow? Yes because she is not really into the idea of having nanny for Apple and Moses. Gwyneth please asks Chris to buy you one!


Did I mention that it has long strap? If you are in your 20’s or think that you still in that age, you can carry Saskia’s in your truly laid back and lazy Sunday look. Perfect with simple tank top tuck in your jeans or flirty floral long skirt.


It is boxy and looks like my father tool box but I vote for Saskia for its versatility and practicality and the beautiful colour. Cute handle and long strap, it can be one of your favourite bag of all time. So what do you think. Cute or Exclude?

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Prada Spring/Summer 2008 collection, I guess the Miuccia Prada still can let go her childhood fantasy. The nymph, fairy tale print conquers the collection. Some of it look like a bit pyjama’s! It looks like Prada management, known for only targeting the super-exclusive fashionista change their target customer to kids aged from 2 to 9 or some growing adult who still believe the pure white horse with horn and a lady with star stick and wings do exist.




This is Prada so there must be something about it. Wow.. the limited edition bag is not bad at all. Beautifully print eerie fairies and nymph inspiration and illusion by James Jean (, Taiwanese born artist. The soft deer skin bag looks so outstanding and only an artist with magic hand can translate that.




Oh.. now it is everywhere. From Hillary Duff to Tilda Swinton goes eerie with this bag. Prove that the bag is suitable for everyone. This bag has its own personality. It is Prada anyway….

Hillary with Prada and Mocha

Hillary with Prada and Mocha


Tilda (right) and Prada campaign

Tilda (right) and Prada campaign


This is fully print bag so tone it down with plain dress or pants or jeans. It is suitable for your weekend outing or any casual or semi-casual event. It is fairy-tale inspiration bag. Don’t put on any cartoon print when carrying this bag unless you are going to Japanese animation convention! Instead try all dark plain outfit and carry this fairy. Who need fairy god mother ? Only Cinderella because you only need Prada!


The Prada Spring Summer Limited edition fairy tale inspired bag priced from USD2290 (RM8,700.00) to USD2490 (RM9460.00). I believe it will be available in clutches too.


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