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Competition for the queen of Fendi bag, the winner goes to ‘Baguette’ (pronounce Be-get). It is also not too much if I say that Baguette is one of the most popular bag that has been created. The story began in 1997 when Silvia Venturini Fendi (granddaughter of Edoardo and Adele Fendi, founder of this brand in 1925) inspired to design this purse that has short shoulder length strap and it can be carry as the way French women carry their bread; baguette. Silvia called the beg Le Baguette.


At the beginning, it was sold for merely USD50 (around RM200.00) and it is only for editors, stylist and fashion insiders. It doesn’t take long before fashiotronomic start to smell the freshly made baguette.


Peoples are really crave and hungry for Baguette. On the first year, Fendi manage to sell about 100,000 Baguettes and after ten years almost 800,000 baguettes was sold. The highest price of baguette is USD60, 000.00 (signed by Sharon Stone for Aids Charity Auction in 2007).


Why it is so over the top? Because baguette are made in few different version (but still adapt the same design). Everybody can relate to baguette. The baguette evolves from shrunken and enlarged version. This work of art comes in lizard, crocodile, denim, mink, and pony skin. Some of the baguettes are embroidered with beads, pearls, sequins and even gold thread. Of course, you can deny the highest quality of Fendi crafmanship.

The removable strap makes it practical for day and evening use. If you in your office wear, you can carry on the shoulder. In the evening, just remove the strap and it becomes clutch. To make it more irresistible and keep us thinking ‘how the big F come with that idea’ is ‘night and day’ version. One side of the leather is for day and the other side is for night. It is just a matter of flipping. Interesting isn’t it?

If you are 20 years old, you can always carry Baguette in colourful Pantone Shades or denim, if you are 60 years old grandma, you can get the baguette in classic black crocodile skin. To date there are almost 1,000 version of Baguette has been created. My favourite? Oversize baguette at Fendi Spring /Summer 08. It is very practical to keep my document and it can be the most stylish some kind of messenger bag.


So don’t you really just want to taste this luxury loaf?


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