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Chloe latest offering, Saskia Tote bring back my childhood memory. No. I did not receive this as my 8th birthday gift or the bag that launches my grandma business (that is another story) but it is resemblance to my school backpack back in 1980’s (still in my primary school of course. Hello…I am very old!). The design, the bulkiness and especially the two front pocket where I put my Tupperware.

Oh.. one more memory. It is also just like my father tool bag. The bag where he keeps the screwdriver, nuts, nail and everything (not like I really interested with the tool bag, well let say I am more interested with my mom’s bag!). Why bother to rush to the boutique in your Chloe quilted ankle boots or clicking at home in See by Chloe Tank Top when some review that I read call it the most hideous bag that ever invented when somebody snap the photo of Kate Bosworth toting this tote? Some people can be so mean! That is not good darling…

This bag is not that bad! This leather bag with handles and two pockets on front (did I mention it earlier), zip fastening across the top and on front pocket and canvassing lining. The design make it looks bulky tote but it is not heavy. The bulkiness and the pockets can save your life. Just put everything in like your Cri de Coeur Women’s Chloe Peep Toe Flat for after work quick shopping, tampon for emergency leaking, cell phone or Evian in the pockets. Forget your coin clutch because this bag has more than enough pocket to put your coins. So convenient…

Angelina Jolie should get one. The reason is because she has liked half a dozen kids and how to keep the milk bottle or baby napkin? In Chloe Saskia of course!

But she has Brad Pitt and a dozen of nannies who can carry all that. Gwyneth Paltrow? Yes because she is not really into the idea of having nanny for Apple and Moses. Gwyneth please asks Chris to buy you one!


Did I mention that it has long strap? If you are in your 20’s or think that you still in that age, you can carry Saskia’s in your truly laid back and lazy Sunday look. Perfect with simple tank top tuck in your jeans or flirty floral long skirt.


It is boxy and looks like my father tool box but I vote for Saskia for its versatility and practicality and the beautiful colour. Cute handle and long strap, it can be one of your favourite bag of all time. So what do you think. Cute or Exclude?


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