Confession of an Asian StyleHolic



How are you? Hope you’re really having the peace that you are longing for.


Before I go further I would like to let you know that I am writing this letter tell you that you’ve done a “great job for the past few decades” and nobody can challenge that statement.


I read somewhere while you’re studying in Chambre Syndicale de La Couture you send sketch to French Vogue . The editor really love your sketch (it is not a surprised) and they publish it right away. You must be really excited! The light is shining to you.


How do feel when you’re working with Christian Dior at the tender age of 17 and lead the creative team of the House when you are 21? Talk about some riot when you include crocodile leather motorcycle jacket as part of the haute couture collection. Back then it is such a shock. But you have eyes for the future.


Pierre Berge and you start the label in 1962. That is when you can come with some unexpected masterpiece like the androgynous, perfectly cut women tuxedo ‘Le Smoking’. Borrowed clothes from men and make it looks sexy. I also love your safari suit and the bohemian theme collection. Who can actually make safari wear look sexy? Only you!

Your breakthrough unisex scent Eau Libre that was launch in 1975 proof that that is no such thing as gender differences. You never discriminate and people loves you for that. Black model really get their break when you grace them on the runway like the late Katoucha Niane to the fierce phone throwing Naomi Campbell (opsss!). She turn to you when French Vogue refuse to grace the cover because having black model on cover is a big No-No and never done before. The spell has been broken when you refuse to let your design to be featured in the cover of French Vogue if no black policy apply. It is history when the first black model on the cover of August 1988 French Vogue. Guess who signing for YSL fall/winter 2008 campaign now?


So many women should thank you like Catherine Deneuve, LouLou de La Falaise and Betty Catroux. I can say that you make them famous! When you love particular ladies, she is on the way to stardom. Because only you can make them famous.


Now your empire include everything from accessories to cosmetics. Your initial is everywhere. It is a symbol of luxury and classy.



On June 1 2008, you are 71 and it is time for you to say goodbye. You leave your glamorous mark everywhere. We love you for that!







p/s: I am sending this in Y mail patent bag straight to your boutique in

Paris. This bag is perfect for casual days. A practical bag for books to groceries. It is timeless and set to be one more classic IT YSL bag. It is also available in clutch.



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