Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


In Star Wars Galaxy, Ergo is a name of a planet. I am not really sure who live on that planet but for sure they never carry bags. Look at the female species in Star Wars. They put on their kind of ‘houte couture’ but without handbag or clutch. Future designer forget how to design a carry.

Enough about Planet Ergo. Enter your spaceship and travel to present day for Coach Ergo bag. I am not sure how they come with that name (please let me know) but this bag is far more interesting than spaceship.


Did I say interesting? Maybe it is because of the signature jacquard fabric Ergo. Yes.. I still can’t ignore the signature C. It is a timeless classic. The structure (especially the elegant pleat) is a reason why female Homo sapiens on planet earth shouldn’t resist. Inside it is covered with tattersall print fabric lining and also zip plus the cell phone pocket. This bag is very wearable and can match with almost anything that hangs in your closet.

Pleated ergo satchel is Reed Krakoff favourite who is a Coach President and Executive Creative Director. Oh really? Oh .. Of course because he is the one who approved the design. The 2004 Accessories Designer Of the Year winner state that “it is rooted in great craftsmanship combined with playful and fun elements that make its design chic, pretty and feminine.


But I want to tell you something Mr Reed. I am not really into your Ergo pleated in pink patent leather. Maybe because of the pink shades. It is a distinctive silhouette and look standout from the other classic colour like black and brass but I only can see a few people who can carry that. Like the Hilton Hotel heiress turn reality star and Mariah Carey circa 2004-2006 (Mariah really into pink during that year). Maybe the Ergorian will like the pink. They always like weird stuff. Think about it Mr Reed. Very big market there.


So what do you think . Should we keep Ergo in signature C and leave the pink to the Ergorian?


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