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It is a very good reason why you should purchase Duffy because you pay a price of one bag and you get two bags. Clutch on tote. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy Duffy. Actually it is one bag and an artistic masterpiece.

It is a large leather bag. Bless with Silverstone hardware. The strap is detachable for shoulder bag or just carries it with its double handle. Oh.. One more important feature, the clutch with crystal frog as a tilt-lock closure. Lots of spaces in one carry. Interesting?

Sorry Marc I don’t buy this. It does remind me of Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork. Marc I just knew it you don’t just stop after the 24 bags in one bag.

LV Tribute Patchwork

I love Stam. The bag is elegant, exclusive, classic and will make Jessica Stam smile until she dies. I guess Duffy is a very very very very distance Stam’s cousin because they have opposite look. One is pretty and the other is erm… mutant? Or maybe Duffy is actually a Siamese unidentical twin? Only Marc can answer that.

Can you imagine the main tote without the clutch or the clutch without the main tote? It is best to let them separated. It is going to be another classic, classy and distinctively elegant.

Duffy is a creation from the man who when he touch on something that things become expensive.. Maybe this will become the IT bag and finally it is the LOOK that you searching for. We’ll wait.

I will join the campaign call ‘Separate Duffy’ (if it exists). So what do you think cute or exclude?


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  1. i want by this bluo bags how???

    Comment by shoog | February 26, 2009

  2. you can go to the neeared Marc store.. I saw it..

    Comment by cutecarry | February 26, 2009

  3. Nice work.

    Comment by Becka macca | March 5, 2009

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