Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


This is one bag in the fierce, strong, independence hard category. The person who carries the bag should posses the same character. Only for the confident, an acceptable diva-ish, pricey exhibit ( the one who like others the know she afford to buy expensive item), Indy fan include Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria (she looks so tiny with Indy!). If you are crying after watching Titanic or change the station just when Buffy The Vampire Slayer started, stay away from Indy.

Indy is my favourite because it is different from other Gucci’s .It is kind like classic hobo- inspired from Gucci design back in 1950’s. Unique handle – resemble the vintage sport car and the couple of fringy bell (some say it looks like a jellyfish).

It looks heavy isn’t?. Well it is quite heavy for some (of my friends). Maybe because of the handle (which probably) that can kill Paris Chihuhua Tinkerbell with one smack. Oh..just kidding. If you think it is heavy like your weight (oppsss) , fasten the strap for an easy shoulder bag. But the best way to carry this is to hold the handle it in your arm or sling it through your hand. In the name of fashion, forget about the pain.

If you think you are indy-pendence, surf


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