Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Marc Jacobs (now with Richard Prince) did it again. They are trying to convince the world-please smile after you pay thousands for this bag. Smile please smile. Especially when you received your monthly credit card statement.

Comedy caught my attention when the glamorous Wirda from Glam carry this. It is worth spending a lot of money for Comedy? NO if with that income you can only afford one LV in every decade. It is most proper to invest in classic LV in classic Murakami.

YES if you are a big fan of LV like Kimora Lee Simmon and Jessica Simpson (or rich like them) go and get it. It is not like every season LV coming with this bag that you can read and laugh (unlike LV tribute patchwork that makes me cry).

Actually I am not really sure if I like this bag for its look or for the comedies printed on it.

Maybe it is LV it is an impression of expensive, luxury bag.  You can expect high quality craftsmanship. Fun, less stressful, less serious, very edgy . The jokes are from Henny Youngman. Quite funny actually. Like “Every time I meet a woman who can cook like my Mother….She looks like my Father.” Ha ha ha…did I just laugh? Because of the jokes or the bag?.. well.. I am very confuse!

One advice, Comedy is so visible even any kid who can read will realise if you carry this bag too to the same group at different time. Imagine your 3 year old niece said “you carry this bag again! An example when mix n match just don’t work. So make sure that don’t carry this bag too often or you are the joke of the day. It is definitely a NO to carry Comedy to formal event. Only carry her to more casual function or to a girl night out.

So what do you think should with laugh with Comedy or she is just a joke of the day?


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