Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Bottega Venetta (BV) ‘woven’ detail handbag make quite a style tsunami. The reform design can be seen everywhere. From other designers shoes to imitation brand. It is impossible not to think about BV if we come across any woven things. Now BV wants more. BV (maybe) wants to be associated with the wild thing, not Lindsay or Paris or most of the A-List Teen Star but an animal print. Does it work? Let see.

I hate give negative comments on bag. It is not my nature . Unlike wild animals such as tiger ( say it like Tyra ..FIERCE!). But this bag looks tame. Nothing special about the shape. The most irritating is the so called tiger stripes print. I don’t know from which species that stripes and colour come from. Maybe Shere Khan (from the Jungle Book Mowgli Story) or any species you can imagine. For an African accent (I guess), Maxi has a braided trim. Well.. braid only look cool on Lauryn Hill during her time with The Fugees, but not on bag like Maxi. But, if you craving for this weird tiger stripes bag, you can carry it with free from any print and details dress.Let tiger do all the talking.

You know what happened to Shere Khan in Mowgli? I don’t want to tell you.
Maxi is at


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