Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Roxy Neko

My 10 year old cousin is so excited about High School Musical and shouts her opinion loud on what she should wear. Being parents to a young girl in this era can be quite stressful. Considering the IT girls today are those who have driving under influence (DUI) records or really like to show what is under that dress.


The most stressing part is to fulfill the need of this brigade of mini fashionitas. Designers offering “labels that are affordable for teen” and hire skinny almost perfect Photoshop models for the campaign.


Affordable is subjective. But if your young girl started to show some acceptable tendency and eyes for style and fashion, don’t stop them. Instead of backpack (look too baby and kiddies) for their birthday present, just buy them something trendy like Roxy Neko bag. The shape is perfect for a starter. Not too much and not too simple. Definitely not boring. Open top entry with kiss lock give a pinch of designer bag. These type of young kids like trendy carry but face it, no kids want to carry serious, classic bag like some from Dior or Chanel.


If your little girl not around and Neko is lying on her bed, it is your turn. Pair it with jeans and t shirt. Never too old too carry Neko.


Give your mini fashionista the taste of high street fashion at


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