Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Bring the POP in your with this erm.. bag? It doesn’t really look like a bag. Or if it’s look like a backpack used by a troops in the movie Predator, carry some stuff to kill the aliens.

I choose this bag because it looks so different but not in any pleasurable manner.

Guess is one of my all time favourite brand. Edgy, stylish and the best part is It is affordable (or cheap if compared to other designer bag). It has launched a lifetime career like Claudia and late Anna Nicole Smith. But can you imagine they carrying something like

The odd shape will make people think that you are sick with elevated temperature if you match Pop with your office wear. Here comes Santarina if to mall. The external PVC leather looks like cellulite. Yes.. pop have cellulite. Just like celebrities, she needs some nip and tuck. The top handle completes the series of catastrophes. It is small for a gigantic bag. Not sure why it is there. If only you want to carry Pop, make it your shoulder bag. Anyone ask about it, don’t bother and keep walking.

My opinion obviously that this is such a hideous bag BUT if you have the guts and want to attract some attention (doesn’t matter what type of attention ) get your cellulite aka Guess Pop is at


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