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Maybe some of you will think why should I review this very normal holdall tote in this entry? Well this is a normal tote but watch the photo of the bag carefully. Yes.. it is because the shiny finish of the grained leather. Not like patent leather shiny or “sequined shiny glory” Sir Elton John suit but understated elegant with fine workmanship. The decorative stud detailing makes Toni look quite manly but not too serious and boring. It is very wearable. Definitely not jut another pretty bag. Carry this everywhere. You look classy in your own way.

Philip Lim is one of the sought after designer. Started as an assistant at Katayone Adeli he comes out with 3.1 Philip Lim. The number 3.1 is after the age he made his break as a solo designer. He is the designer that you should watch carefully. His masterpieces are fun, fresh, clean, quite minimal, attention to details but not too fussy. Bringing back the natural style that is both effortless and individual with modern American accent. A bit like Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein (I am so crazy about CK magic then) or maybe Armani.

Toni is a unisex bag,. In fashion, there is no such thing as gender equality. One clear example is women can always carry man bag leaving an impression that she is independence and bold but if men carry a bit (maybe just a little tiny touch ) women bag, he is sissy.

This understated elegant Toni is at


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