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“A glamorous adventure with bohemian lifestyle”. That is how Frida Gianini, Gucci designer describe Gucci women in her latest collection. The ready to wear collection is full with 70’s hippie’s era, Folklore Russian culture and strong spirit of Roman Empire.

It will make you hysteric. Not sure if it is because of very anxiously excited to get the Hysteria bag or you just feel very sad and pathetic or you just miss Tom Ford. The above jacquard silk bag looks like a structured carpet design or a Roman marble (I never been to Rome or marble expert so take it as a wild guess). It took me like 20 seconds to locate where is the crest to authentically approve that this is from Gucci. The roman crest looks lost and weak on the sea of busy print.

Legend said that Great Rome warrior, Julius Caesar brought this bag as an offering for Cleopatra. She is a diva and has all the power to agree or deny. She finally accepted the bag just because it matches her prayer room carpet. The rest is history.

If carpet is too heavy and dusty for you, how about this gorgeous plain or skin details Hysteria? The classic tone, the pleated structure and the edgy which everyone know it is a sign that Frida Gianini just dip the bag into the Fountain of Youth. This Hysteria never gets old and always looks fresh and timeless. It is almost possible for every function and any dress. Definitely a must haves accessories.

Hysterically at

In Malaysia, Gucci is at Adorn Floor,Starhill Gallery 60321439095 and G3 Ground Floor Avenue K 60321618813

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