Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Luggage that look like fish scale. Sound fishy? Not any more. The quilted nylon with shiny nickle hardware luggage looks very vibrant and astonishingly outstanding. Who need airline tags? I don’t think there will be any problem to spot this on airport conveyer belt. If you think you lost it, just describe ‘scale luggage’ to the airport management. You’ll get it back in no time.

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) Scallop (oh… it is scallop, Whatever! Both are sea food) look like a holiday luggage with a statement like “leave me alone, I am in good mood and heading to sandy islands resort holiday”. Roomy enough to pack your thong (doesn’t matter shoes or that thing), sun dress, straw hats and all the sunscreen in the world and essential make up.

The catch? It is not for those who think that there are professional. Zero protocol. For girlie girls that just want to have fun. Aqua light blue never looks so refreshing. Perfect for young girl that is still under Paris Pink Curse, this is the colour to break the spell.

If you are dead boring with that black or dark tone luggage, get this scaly or scallops thing…

You sea life ($179.99) at


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