Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Black lace can make a very provocative and bold statement at the same time. That lady can be sexy, romantic, and mysterious or if the lace is expensive, she must be rich .That pricey stuff is probably Guipure lace after models in Prada runway clad in this made in Swiss fabric. Well… that’s not all. Miuccia also ask them to carry it as well.

Pizzo S Satchel is a nappa leather satchel heavily wrapped in a very heavy details Guipure lace and it starts looking like Aunt Betty on a trip to funeral. But this Aunt Betty is a very rich old lady who like to wear everything couture. Maybe because of her high fashion taste but probably maybe she needs to spend all this money before she die.

Pizzo is only for a very specific group. It is very a kind of couture extravagant bag and I guess only for niche market. Heavy floral, ruching detail on the edge and voluminous ruffles just not for everyone. It is going to be one of the most desirable bags for this season but I doubt it will make any comeback in the near future. So… enough reason for you to just grab this sensual bag?

Miuccia Prada said she never like lace. But she becomes obsess with it after just a few sneak peaks. Eerm.. Miuccia, I really hope you stop looking at lace again.

Italian wrap in Swiss is at


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