Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Ruffle dress is everywhere in few last seasons. The acceptable appropriate voluminous proportion at the correct place can hide that imperfection like that extra tire. If too much, you’ll look like clown. Join the circus.

It is about time to pump up the volume with Prada unique inonative invention, the ruffle Napa S Satchel. It maybe look weird but the innovative ruffle structure makes it look amazingly irresistible on the plain satchel. It is all on the details. Couture and dramatic but at the same time wearable. `Maybe it is time for you to place this odd-but-stylish satchel beside predictable Birkin and 2.55.

This ruffle bag comes with matching shoes (also with ruffle). NO… don’t even think to wear them together. One ruffle is what you need.

Mrs. Prada just want try anything. Last season we have nymph fairy tale, then lace and now ruffle bag. What is next? Garbage inspired bag? One of the Olsen done that, not sure which one, maybe the fat one. Crack grudge rehab chic inspired bag? Too normal. Courtney Love, Amy Whinehouse and almost all Hollywood members just sum it all. Harujuku? Gwen and her four girls with freaky name (L.O.V.E) makes some of us get really interested with Japanese porn anime.

Before her next sure to sell collection, toilet roll inspired Prada satchel, squeeze this ruffle at

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