Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


It is coincidence that the stripes and the design of Tignanello [teen-ya-nel-o] look like the stripes from my old Gucci sneakers. The Gucci is red and green while on Tignanello is something like red and purple. The main body is full with TIGNANELLO signature print while mine is of course the infamous Gucci print. It also reminds me of Gucci classic bag with the same concept.



Maybe the designer read something about Gucci before he goes to sleep and the next day without realizing it, he come out with similar Gucci stripes. Talk about the power of subconscious mind.

I am not going to make any fuss here. At least they don’t imitate the whole design and also the label and sell it like only 10% from the original price. If you ever purchase some kind of fake or counterfeit, I hope you get booed just like Amy Whinehouse after she praise her junkie husband like 100 times at one of her performance.

The stylish Tignanello bags comes within the price that I don’t have to going through another depression period when it times to pay the credit card debt.

What happen to me lately? The photographic memories about bags keep emerging. It happens again after I see Tignanello South Tote, the images of Burberry keep popping up.

No, Tignanello designer’s team doesn’t deserve this. It is not fair to accuse them of stealing other labels concept or design. They are innocent. Is should listen to my mom when she asks me to see a psychiatrist or go rehab for some kind of mind comparison disorder and I said No.. No.. No..

This Gucci and Burberry bag Tignanello bag is at


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  1. nok, maks ada satu brand tignanello… brand ni best ke nok? mak ingatkan beg cheapo ajer..

    Comment by Chi | January 22, 2009

  2. I just wanted to know what kind of bag that Gucci side bag is, and if I could find that anywhere to buy. thanks!

    Comment by Cynthia | April 25, 2009

  3. Cynthia.. there are so many bags that are similar to this, especially the stripes. you can go to this side to learn more about the gucci stripes that are similar to this.

    Plus I saw Pedro shoes that are sooooo simalar like gucci. I guess gucci is so popular!

    Comment by cutecarry | April 25, 2009

  4. Thank you! (:

    Comment by Cynthia | April 26, 2009

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