Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


I have a ‘handsome female’ friend, B. She or most appropriate I address as he, is a male trapped in a woman body. He is cute with effortless boyish look. Even one of my male friends (who like male) try to court B thinking that B is actually a cute young boy.


One of the reason why B is a choice of so many females and few males is because his sense of style and fashion. He doesn’t try to be macho, he just being himself. He knows that he is actually a she so her style is clean masculine with feminine touch. More like a very clean and polish metrosexual. Very Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry and nothing like ugly Charlize Theron in Monster.


Last week we went out for a shopping session. It is fun to shop with him. Just like a shopping spree with another version of myself. We try lots and lots of clothes. When it comes to bags, he needs help. He wants bags that are masculine but at the same time he doesn’t want look butch and bushy.



I would persuade him to buy briefcases from Not only it is very suitable for B, it is also for me to borrow. The classic shape combines with fine craftsmanship will make him look like a young male professional that graduated from Harvard. Sense investment for a young guy with lot of attitude and at the same time has to work with lots of documents and papers.



Metorosexual carries nothing like ordinary man stay next to him in the meeting room. To differentiate him for the rest of the group is Samsonite business aluminum attaché computer case.  Features include file pocket organizer business card pocket, pen holder and adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap. Available at for only USD99.00.



For casual outings and meeting, carry this label driven messenger bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. In vinyl coated and leather trim, the most striking feature is woven label on the front of the bag. This labels costs USD476.00 at



Metrosexual must love his environment. So for groceries shopping, do not leave home black coated canvas quilted tote from Christian Dior for only USD796.00 at



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Something that we should grateful is when we can get something so cheap, easily available and at the same time it is the key pieces of the season. These pieces will transport you to back to 1980’s    when gadget guy that can fixed and destroyed almost anything (MacGyver), Transformer is only a cartoon and David Hasselhoff talks to car and not to bikini-clad lifeguards (Knight Rider) rule the TVland. Ok, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you are maybe under 25.


I went for window shopping (like I know what is ‘window shopping’ means!) at Topshop and l am so impressed with a wide selection of 80’s inspired tees. It’s like seating on the passenger seat next to Michael J Fox in Back To The Future and the car parked right in the middle of Topshop showroom in 1986. The 80’s details are not only on the print, but also on the cutting and shape. Oh… just love the Thundercat and Blondie tees!




Whether if you are underage or overage, get easy and stylish in 1980’s graphic print tees. Almost everyone you know like almost underage Rihanna and Paris Hilton (she wore her image print tees to let everybody know who she is).


image from

image from


Graphic print tees are at its best with your old jeans. For edgy casual fashionista look, wear it under suspender or studded belt (not both at the same time). Just do not afraid to be pump up the volume. 80’s style is all about trying to do everything loud and big and brave like big hair, lots of make-up, huge shoulder pad, broad shoulder supermodels and megastars Maddy and Jacko.


 Beautiful graphic print need cute graphic carries. Most women in the 80’s carry some kind like shopper bag with graphic prints like what is on their shirt. I am not sure why the big bag but it shows that IT environmental bag has existed since 80’s. The only difference is the print does not include sentence like ‘I am not a plastic bag”.



Be at the top with retro 80’s at or

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Kelly image from

Kelly image from


Not everyone can afford to even touch Birkin or Kelly from Hermes. The lowest price (for Birkin) is about USD7500.00 and for most mortal, she will think twice or maybe 923 times  before purchase it. Or even you have all the money, it doesn’t assure you can bring Birkin home. The average waitlist for this bag is two years.



If you want to carry something like Hermes next week and your credit card just reaches the limit, there is a solution. Substitute for Kelly or Birkin is Furla Greta Tote. I just love the pale pink blush colour. Very remarkable on the croc embossed leather. The silver tone hardware compliments the pink.  


But wait a minute. What a coincidence! Hermes has (Grace) Kelly  and  Furla has Greta (Garbo). Another similarity between these bags is it looks almost identical. Both are square, almost in same size (you can cover your beer belly with Furla, Grace Kelly covers baby bump with Hermes). Hermes skinned crocodile for Kelly while Furla Greta is croc embossed leather.  Any differences? Yes, apart from the price tags, the label on Kelly is Hermes and on Greta is Furla.


Greta is for someone who is not ready to carry Kelly or Birkin. Carrying Kelly or Birkin means you carrying a lot of responsibilities.  Practice with Greta. Once you used to the compliment about your high taste in choosing the stylish cute bag, then you can head to Hermes and put your name on the waiting list.


Practice aid at for USD378.00.

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Girls, whatever you want to be whether it is bohemian chic, Woodstock 1969 Flower Girl look or rock and roll, it looks wrong. Dianne Fringe Kid Tote is from Jimmy Choo only look stylish for drag queen, Noxeema Jackson (played by Wesley Snipes) in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.



Image from

Image from


Dianne fringe tote is rich with erm… fringes; it almost doesn’t look like a bag but something just fringy stuff. The fringe is too heavy and for some people, it is a broom. The broom that is so notorious that it will brush your style away.  I understand that the studs meant for rock and roll elements but it invisible ‘under’ the hairy fringe.  Dianne Noxeema Fringe kid tote just for USD1,495.00 at




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Beijing Mayor, Guo JinLong has passed the baton in form of Olympic flag to London Mayor, Boris Johnson on the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic. In 2012, London will host the Games, so I would like to suggest bags with strong British accent and still relevant until 2012 warning- this entry do not include anything from British skinny export, Victoria Beckham label – DVB.



The British monarch history can be trace back from the year 1000. This monarch is under hereditary concept. It means if you want to be king or queen of England or United Kingdom, the first thing they will ask you would be ‘who is your father or mother?’

Even your grandma will know who is Stella McCartney is. Ok, maybe they will like a little confuse, but that is before you mentioned her father, McCartney is the guy with that full fringe bang and working like a dog in one hard day night and in a boy band that once makes girls screaming and sweating. They are so cute during that era.   

In 2012, you will be sweating like triathlon athletes because of the hot and cute athletes with sporty, lean and tall with everything extra.  Wipe the sweats and drink your Evian.  Keep your towel and water it Stella McCartney for Lesportsac small bowling bag. This bag is everything in between, not too manly or and not too girlie. Maybe the only accessories that you can shares with your boy. If your boy said this bag look awkward for a man, just tell him something like ‘Darling, I am the style master, if you like to play safe most of the time,   eventually you’ll become irrelevant’. Say it; say it loud, and with a very strong and deep British accent!

Available for USD350.00 at   



She started as a punk style designer and leaves her mark when she dressed Sex Pistol for a gig. Her creation combines the notorious S & M, bondage with traditional British elements. Using yester decades fashion and cutting, she turns them into something very wearable, modern, relevant and stylish. Professor Vivienne Westwood is the most genius lady in fashion category (the author category goes to JK Rowling, most expensive hair dos goes to Cherie Blair, trying to hard to be Brit goes to Madonna, )

Vivienne Westwood Red Label large doctor bag looks simple or something you can get anywhere but girls I advise you to look really hard.  Nothing ordinary about this bag. If you match it with your Adidas sweat suit and Puma shoes, you’ll finish first, refined but at the same time not too ordinary. It sparks good girl, notorious girl elements and it is all happened at the same time. With sparks, you’ll be rushing in fastest speed to the finishing line…

Rush rush for red label large doctor bag @ for about 528.94 pound.



Someone told me that Denhem is actually in Australia. Or maybe that is Debenham in UK (pronounced Den-hem). Just like I heard the way to pronounce my favourite place for bargain in UK, Bicester (pronounce Bis-ter).Enough! Let’s forget about my pronounciation or geography lesson, let the real Brit teach you, it would be like Burberry of course. 

You’ll invite a lot of suggestion or impression in London 2012 if you carry Denhem. They may think that you want to be Brits or on your way to Nigella Lawson tea party or a girl who just want to have fun with the real Brit. The most important thing is you’ll be recognized for carrying one of the most exclusive and expensive British brand. In very traditional signature check canvas with dark nickel hardware, you can carry it in almost everyday from 2008 to 2012.  

Burberry Sophie bowler for USD550.00 at






Some may think his designs are ‘very runaway’ or too flamboyant for a real person. Some think sometimes he may out of track but that what make it  so desirable. If you wearing his neo-folk inspired jacket, it is something that will makes people wonder and asking who is that girl?


Whether it is neo folk or geisha kimono, create buzz at London on 2012 with trigger shoulder bag. The detachable gold and black plaited rope detail will shine like a gold medal. Yes, you are the real winner, not Michael Phelps  London Olympic is four years from now, just curious if he still interested to participate, with that monies from labels endorsement.


Claim your medal for about 974 pound at








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She married, she stars in reality series, she dance in boots, she designs shoes, she likes perfume, she comes out with ‘Fancy’ and now she claims that she drinks beer and now she  is endorsing beer brand Stampede Light Plus. Now I just  want her to say, excuse me… who the hell is Nick?

Did somebody tell you that she likes bag and she designs bags too?

It is not really surprising for someone like Jessica Simpson to come out with handbag line. She  loves fashion and the entire world can see she carries different bag for almost every day!

Frankly I am quite impressed with latitude hobo in shrunken synthetic. It is not the most genius creation but it is very acceptable for those who want to look stylish without have to spend like Jessica. This bag cost only for USD98.00. Jessica love LV so much and spend like crazy on LV and Nick don’t happy with it. Everything is LV. this info courtesy of MTV Newlyweds.

But I think she is drunk when she designs Kane Satchel. No, don’t get me wrong. This is not ugly. I just think she drink too much Stampede Light Plus. The colours combination is just wrong and what with the belt thing? Belt look good on waist not  on bag! Let me tell you, with USD88 you can  buy you a dozens bottles of Stampede Light Plus beer.

Jessica Simpson bags are available at

Wait, she drinks beer and still with that tummy?

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Flamboyant Late Isabella Blow would smile in peace if she knows that she will be mortal into this form. Who doesn’t? If someone wanted to use my name for as elegant, as strong, as bold and as stylish as this bag, I’ll be honoured. Mr. McQueen, this is an offer from me. You can use my name anytime, in any form. Yeah right, just like he cares about this Asian guy !


McQueen doesn’t have to kill any animals to create this magnificent bag. Extra marks for that.  This oversized patent leather hobo is practical for both work and leisure.


This bag is from McQueen sincere heart. It shows! Using his unusual charm he captures the glory of Blow. She is fascinated with his talent and he is really thankful for someone who appreciates his talent. Isabella bought McQueen entire collection for 5,000 pound.    If you really have a friend and you really thankful to have her as your friend, Blow is something you should consider for her next birthday at for 931.49 pound.    


I just wonder if this hobo available in Blow lipstick trademark, RED.








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I am a huge, big, gigantic whatever the words you want to use FAN of Madonna. She is an icon that inspires me in so many ways. I know what my passion (beside fashion) is and from Madonna I started to appreciate and understand why we fall in love with music. As a video driven artist, she makes me waiting and anticipating what she going to be in her next video. She turns 50 on August 16. This is a tribute to the BIG M.


Italians do it better in sex before marriage and making babies (and keeping them!). Guess that is what Madonna really wanted to tell the world in her Papa Don’t Preach video. The statement written on black t-shirt makes young Italians proud while some adults think this girl will start one shocking wave- and boy they are so true! In that video, she seduce that sexy mechanic, become pregnant, ignore her friends advice and tell her father (after washing the dishes) that she was pregnant and will keep the baby. But in my family, if my sister tells my father she is carries her boyfriend baby after washing the dishes, I believe there will be a lot of cup and flying saucers.

No tote does it better than Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply tote. Available for only USD128.00 @ She can use this bag throughout 80’s. Very IN with leather jacket, stripes sweater, short crop hair (just like Madonna in this video) and to carry ‘baby’ milk bottle. Papa, please do not preach again, you must love her ‘baby’ just like quarter of the world populations that adore Madonna!


This video is a sign of women empowerment. Forget about the usual female topless and sexy mermaid that is only sailors imagination, maybe because the horny thing. This Madonna Cherish her sexual desire by flirting and kissing with 2 or 3 hunky male mermaids (I am worry about her kissing with a very young possibly underage male mermaid). This time she left her one piece pointed cup bikini at home but opt for black button up dress. Very classy!

She is having a good time with the sexy fishes. Erm.. I just wonder about the smell. Is it fishy?

But there is nothing fishy about Hermes cotton toile beach bag. Available at (USD930.00) in selection of few vibrant colour. I will choose this bag instead of mermaids, this bag smell very expensive, exclusive and Hermes. Mermaid smell fishy, really turn me off. Hermes is definitely something that you can cherish for the rest of the summer forever!


Come one Vogue, lets your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey….

Did you ever dance Vogue? If you did, you just like millions out there. Until today, this song is very relevant, very lively and I just can sing it and still look young now! I just can’t forget Madonna in that video. The image has stuck into my memory.

I remember me and a couples of friends try to dance Vogue. We guess we look cute that time. The words Vogue is so powerful that until today if we want to describe something classy we will say ‘Does it look Vogue”. Word to describe Vogue video is definitely timeless.

Talking about timeless and celebrated her 10th Birthday this year and always relevant even 199 years from now is Fendi Baguette. Available in any material you can imagine. This is the bag that should keep your heart pumping, just like whenever I listen to Vogue.


The first album with Parental Advisory is her fifth studio album. This album was banned in few countries. This is not a great era for Madonna. To make things worst, this is the first debut single that fail to reach No 1 in US Billboard.

Madonna reveal her sadism and masochism in Erotica accompany by her friend like Naomi Campbell (Naomi also appear nude in Madonna coffee book SEX). The controversial scenes in the video are graphic and provocative. What do you need to look like Madonna in Erotica video? Black dominatrix costume with Zorro mask with accessories, stick maybe to punish a very bad guys or girls.

To complete the S&M she needs one more accessories. That would be Zanzibar leather clutch. This fold over with crystal encrusted skull on front. Just like lucky charm for someone like Madonna. Zanzibar available at for 931.49 pound.


Evita and Madonna share something in common. It is a classic story of rich from rags. Evita is a fashion icon and Madonna is a fashion diva. Evita hitches a ride to Buenos Aires to become an actress while Madonna travels to New York to become a dancer. Both are real legend! Madonna won Golden Globe Best Motion Picture, Best Original Song and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture to be Evita while Evita was given the Spiritual Leader of the Nation” by the Argentine Congress.

Madonna marks her name in Guinness World Record Title when she changed 85 times costumes in Evita. She broke Elizabeth Taylor 1963 record for Cleopatra (63 changes). It is a battle of the diva. Madonna always won. In the movie, she wears 39 hats, 45 pairs of shoes and 56 pairs of earrings.

This record mentioned nothing about bag, but if one bag to describe Madonna in Evita is mother of all bags, Hermes Birkin Bag. I must say that, if you don’t own a Birkin, shame on you I don’t have any Birkin, shame on me! Or maybe the fact that the price starting from USD7500.00. This bag is made by experienced craftsmen. Birkin is usually made from saltwater crocodile skin. Larger scales equals to bigger price.

But do not get excited! if you are not Madonna, there’s a chance you have to wait for about like about two years to carry Birkin. Yes girlfriend, the waitlist for Birkin is up to two years. That is the power of Madonna, I mean Hermes.


Madonna turns to India in her Frozen Video. She painted her hand with Henna Ink and performed some kind of movement like Indian dance. It is like watching a horror movie. The abandoned desert, flying crows, flying Madonna and Madonna in black Gaultier dress and long black wig!

Turn your fashion sense to India just like Madonna. Anuschka offer hand painted leather bag in deep and vivid colours. Very unique just like Madonna. Once you fall in love with Anuschka, you will become infatuated junkie. Just like an addiction to curry, you keep craving, waiting, and eating that hot bowl of chicken curry with hot place of rice. Anuschka bags available at


This video won six awards in 1998 MTV Video Music Award. Frankly, I don’t expect Ray of Light to win so many awards. The video shows images of usual daily life. Anything from lab mice to peoples having lunch. Very busy video, it is like everything moves really fast. It just like how our daily life took over our life! Madonna took mine since I was like 10 .. Madonna looks very energetic in denim.

Her bag for this album is definitely embroided blue zucca denim with pinked leather trim and peter tone hardware. Fast track for this bag is at for USD920.00.


If I’m smart then I’ll run away, but I’m not so I guess I’ll stay. Haven’t you heard? I fell in love with the beautiful stranger.” Yes, she falls in love to a bunch of beautiful guys ranging from Sean Penn, Warren Betty to Guy Ritchie but she is the smartest powerful girl on earth. She can pick any men she wants and ditch them whenever she wants like Carlos Leon.

In Beautiful Stranger video, Austin Power aka Mike Myers being assigned to catch a spy named Madonna who was responsible for the killing of agent 007. Austin heads to the club where the spy (Madonna) perform sexy dance. Austin begins to have fantasies like having Madonna licking his face. He ends up falling in love with Madonna with that everything sexy and money to match, who doesn’t?

Spy like Madonna needs something like this Spy Bag from Fendi in soft laminated nappa leather with gold tone hardware. Very mysterious, edgy and sexy just like Spy Madonna. If you want to feels how it likes to be like Spy Madonna, get this @ for 987.77 pound.

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Chupacabra strikes again!

Image from

Image from


Chupacabra is a legendary creature that has a habit of attacking and drinking blood of animals, especially livestock. It is a kind of vampire in animal world. Some say it is only a myth but some strongly believe they really out there after dozens cases of  mysteriously death of livestocks caused by completely drained of blood. There are few cases reported about the sights of chupacabra.  The recent is in Texas when Dewitt County Deputy, Brandon Riedel caught something believe to be chupacabra on his dashboard camera (biologist believe this is actually a pit bull but really I just want to believe!). Physical description of Chupacabra is  something between dog, rodent or any canine with sharp fang, scary red eyes and furless body.  One of the most mysterious facts is why they do not have any fur on their body? Can you imagine dog or any canine without fur. They look scary (exemption for Paris Tinkerbell!). How they survive in cool freezing winter?


I think Chupacabra has fur. Not as furry like poodle or bear but a reasonable amount of fur for a group of Fendi designers to shave. They are using Chupacabra fur to make this Mink Trimmed F6 Secret Code bag.  Mink? Yeah right! No peoples, that is not  mink fur, it is blood sucking chupacabra fur (or maybe Vampire pet!). No wonder this bag look scary! You can put on black cloak, apply jet black lipstick, sharp eyebrow and wait for the fangs to grow at night. You are ready to go out to suck blood accompany by your trusted Mink Chupacabra Trimmed Secret F6 bag. Be careful to get back before the sun rise.

They sell this for like USD4,330.00 at Expensive? Not at all. Chupacabra is really a rare and hard to find. Only Fendi knows how to catch (and shave) this so called legendary creature!


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In her latest video not another HOME VIDEO in, Paris said she is ready to become President. Paris, you will always like kind of get my vote. You kind like so hot than McCain and Obama. I will like will go and kind like help with Paris President campaign or something. But I am not American so I am not eligible to vote. Oh…Paris, you’ve lost one of you greatest supporter. But this is kind like bags that President Paris should carry!


I’m not sure if she eat ostrich meat but I am pretty positive President Paris will look very intelligent, smart and professional carrying this fuchsia Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater bag . The amazing exotic structure of the ostrich leather will goes well with her fake tanned skin.

Yes… maybe some of us think it looks a bit odd (or maybe gross) with that dots and kind like carrying pink ostrich but believe me Paris President can handle it very well. She can handle Rick Salomon and Nicole Ritchie. Pink Ostrich at 1,937 pound at will do her no harm.


Ruffles are so in. Paris going to really like fall in love with the ruffles at be and d. It really stands out on the black patent leather. This is like so proper for Spanish community ‘meet a voters’ appearance. She can like smile, wave this bag and address the crowd with something like “Gracias” in a very Evita way. Hello.. who need to speak Spanish. Just carry something that resembles their bolero or Spanish dancer ruffles skirt.



Once upon a time, this blonde said I don’t understand why people must work. But that is sooo last season. Now, As President Of America, she knows she must work hard. Among what she is working now is to make sure hair colourists enjoy more benefit, porn stars get better paid (plus higher percentage from the profit of the movie), US gay soldiers are allowed to wear pink camouflage uniform and her best friend forever, Britney Spears acts in more movies. What better way to show everyone she is work like everyone else? Carrying Watch me Work Celine bag of course. In bright red soft patent leather, this USD2100 at net-a-porter oversized tote will be very useful to keep all whatever stuffs that related to her whatever plans.


President Paris will be happy to carry this clutch that look like her soap bar case. She’ll be so confused why they call it Mango box Celestina clutch. It doesn’t look like Mango at all. President Paris asks her assistant, Rihanna but she said in Barbados peoples don’t usually carry this type of clutch. But that’s ok. This box is like USD1,365 at Quite an expensive price for mango! Maybe for us but not for Paris. By the way, she inherit something isn’t ?


President Paris loves all the attention. We can’t blame her. That is important to get votes for another term. One of her strategy to get all the attention from the member of the congress is to carry this fuchsia Christian Louboutin donut dough bag to conferences. Perfect with her patent leather red shoes from the very same designer. It looks so yummy, like some cakes with fuchsia icing and sprinkle with colourful chocolate rice. Very delicious at USD485.99 at and she’ll be hungry every time she carries this bag. Sorry Madam President, eating will makes you fat. You’ll loose votes and parties if you fat. Imagine that extra bump popping around your waist. No more two piece swim wear for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schiever California summer theme party.


President Paris travel all over the world to promote peace, better understanding between countries and greener pinkier environment. Her feet must be really tired after a long day on 6 inches Jimmy Choo’s and at the same time discussing about what the ‘IT’ issues. Sometimes due to visa restrictions, she can’t bring along her Asian feet pedicurist cum masseurs in some countries. This is where this …. bucket came handy. Just pour some water and ice cube and Paris just can dunk her feet. What a refreshing retreat. Handy bucket from Marc Jacobs for 403 pound at

Mama Kathy Hilton so proud for her daughter accomplishment. So she bought Paris this Magenta (not pink, but still look like pink) Dior Cannage priced USD876.00 at The material is form quilted nylon with leather trim and silver hardware. The most significant is the Large D dangling charm.




USD1800.00 at Dior soft woven bag and shocking pink. Paris getting pinkier everyday. Enough say!


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