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Scientists have revealed the method and the development of famous painter Van Gogh. A Dutch university has been using an advanced X-ray techniques on 1887 Patch of Grass. The amazing discovery of the face of a woman can conclude that Van Gogh has been recycling his masterpiece.

That is a truly great art. Even after more than a century, we are still dazzled by the art from a truly genius. Another genius is come from India. The Anuschka bag is one of the great arts of its kind. This hand painted bag has been gaining attention from all over the world. The abstract print is a sincere imagination from great painters. The good news is, the painter still walking on this planet.

It all began in 1984 when Swapan Basu and his wife Roma started a company selling hand design accessories. Over the years, this couple has been developing painting process and method of their products. Don’t bother asking because they won’t tell. Maybe you should use that advanced X-Ray to unveil the secret. Now, their son, Bhaskan continues the spectacular legacy.

Viewing at Anuschka bag is like looking at painting in the museum. Each tells a story. From Beautifully blossom hibiscus to proudly parade peacock and comes in multiple shades. If you know how to appreciate art, so you will know how to appreciate Anuschka bags.

Like other state if the art masterpiece, Anuschka beg really goes into the very detail. These details can be seen from the shape. Some of the hand painted bag that I’ve seen before are either equal a price of a house or is extremely ridiculous shape and only suitable to be kept in Museum of Cher. Anuschka bags on the other hand has integrated “what is in the market” with practicality together with beautiful painting. The result is stylish and wearable carries.

Flaunt your Anuschka bag and proudly declare this is the only in the world… This is a hand painted design bag. Practically each of the design is individual and unique masterpiece. Don’t you want to feel that?

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