Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


The spirit of tiger has been mysteriously possessed Bottega Veneta (BV) designer sand it just won’t go away. Fortunately, this time the spirit has lead the BV team to design an exclusive brown tiger stripped intrecciato woven karung frame. Unlike maxi tiger print bag that look like the stripes from retarded or mutant tiger, intrecciato karung looks much better.

It looks ancient. Like something from an antique store. But we all know how much the antiques cost. Just claim it belongs to someone famous and the price will be like sky high. Intreciato karung may cost that much too. So after taking in all this assumption, this clutch will be off from rack in no time.

The signature detail for almost all BV bags is the fine woven craftsmanship Same goes with this triangular, brown leather frame clutch. To complete everything is tonal suede lining and fastening internal pocket. Wearable and definitely set to be another classic BV.

Pair BV intreciato karung with evening wear with some colours. Too much pale makes you look gloomy. Dead pale is only for those who are already dead.

Tiger spirit hauntingly possessed at

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