Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


I am telling you this is not a silver bar.

It may get a lot of attention due of its angular shape. Like a pyramid or diamond or anything you want to call it. The sterling silver just enough to spell the words glam and exclusive. I am glad they don’t add anything on it.

It comes from Philippines and they call it Sanguil. First I thought it is made from seagull bones or something. But after a quite an extensive research (means just type ‘Sanguil’ on the search box) it is actually a name of volcano located in one of the Philippines islands. Not sure what it’s made of but hello… who cares? If it something you can cherish for years to come then it is the one you must get. Another cute thing about Sanguil is it comes with small hand held mirror. Very useful to check if anything stuck between your teeth during dinner. It also provides a good view about what the other girls doing. Start making assumptions. If they are talking to each other while looking at your back, they are not gossiping about your notorious act or about your big bottom. They just adore your style. Remember; always think well about other peoples, sooner or later, they will react the same towards you.

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