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Miley Cyrus makes headline in crime department. No she is not charged with driving under influence… yet! A man has been using a Miley alter ego Hannah Montana ticket concert to entice an 11 year old girl to his van. Luckily this girl is smart enough to think this guy is potentially psychopath pedophiles. If the same man approach me Gucci or Prada bags, will I follow or will I not follow him? That is another story. I can make up may mind now. Clearly, that girl is much smarter than me.

Now, I know why that “Are you smarter than the 5th grader “ is such a hit. Jeff Foxworthy laugh all the way to the bank by making growing up looks stupid.

Concert ticket fail the man attempt but what happened if his van is full with Hannah Montana bags?

Disney does it fashionably and brilliantly again. No special recipe. Just create bags with latest teen’s icon. The colourful and fun bag with Miley Cyrus in blond wig image just too good to resist.

The shape and design is nothing but cute and adorable. It is wearable and most importantly do not resemble baby bag. No girl who just past the kindergarten phase wants something that looks like diaper and milk bag. She is not a baby not yet a big girl.Back to that girl slayers story, the best way to avoid your girl to join the statistics is to educate them. No one has the right harm others.

Well… Miley a briliant girl. There are more than seven things why I like here.

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus carries at


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