Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


It is something only a few designers can do. Come out with something that is either odd or too overdone but still wearable. Alexander McQueen is one that kind of designer and he did it successfully. Fashion heavyweight, late Isabella Blow is one of his fans.

My personal favourite form Alexander McQueen is kimono inspired dress and shoes worn by Janet Jackson for McQueen flagship store opening in Los Angeles. So edgy…

McQueen bags are something that out of radar. Can really make a strong statement even if you are in your simplest dress. This brown leather with metal frame bag may look like some turtle shell than a bag but you know the nature or turtle or tortoise? They can live like for few hundred years and really strong from resistant. Just like a true fashionista. Maybe not the long life with competition and unreasonable diet and occasional drug , some of them die early thing but they are the strong. ‘Something’ likes Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty.

Time to make a statement with USD2,435 @ net –


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