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Pic from

Pic from


Who need pedicurist? All we need is Garra Rufa Carps to eat our disgusting dead skin. The dead skin fish eater  which originated from Turkey has become the IN animal to exfoliate and smoothen the surface of feet. Sorry I am wrong. We still need pedicurist to cut and trim and colour our nails. Those fishes can’t do that. Actually this is not a new thing. They’ve been famous in some parts of Turkey to treat disease like psoriasis. 


I‘ve seen (not experienced!) how the fishes work. For fees like $5, you can dunk your feet into the container for 5 minutes. The fishes will flock to your feet to eat all the dead skin. like scene during designers knock down sale.  It is a tragic moment to see a number of dead fishes floating on the surface of the container. I am not sure why they dead. Maybe because they eat too much human skin or maybe they can’t stand the pungent smell come from the feets (this pungent thinking really turns me off!).


Aquarium with label

Aquarium with label


If you don’t want your fishes to eat others dead skin apart from you, you can have your own Garra Rufas. You need a very stylish container of course! No other aquarium as edgy and stylish as Dolce and Gabbana black patent leather PVC aquarium bag. This aquarium has tinted transparent PVC at front and back. For portability, it comes with removable chain link shoulder strap with patent leather pad. Your dead skin eating fishes will enjoy greater space because this aquarium is quite roomy. These fishes are hero. They work non stop. There is a possibility some of your fishes will die. But don’t worry. You can keep that dead fish on the side flap pockets with plated buckle and pin closure. It is a very serene space for the death while waiting to be buried in your sacred backyard.  This aquarium is available at at USD1,241.00 (on sale).


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