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Chupacabra strikes again!

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Chupacabra is a legendary creature that has a habit of attacking and drinking blood of animals, especially livestock. It is a kind of vampire in animal world. Some say it is only a myth but some strongly believe they really out there after dozens cases of  mysteriously death of livestocks caused by completely drained of blood. There are few cases reported about the sights of chupacabra.  The recent is in Texas when Dewitt County Deputy, Brandon Riedel caught something believe to be chupacabra on his dashboard camera (biologist believe this is actually a pit bull but really I just want to believe!). Physical description of Chupacabra is  something between dog, rodent or any canine with sharp fang, scary red eyes and furless body.  One of the most mysterious facts is why they do not have any fur on their body? Can you imagine dog or any canine without fur. They look scary (exemption for Paris Tinkerbell!). How they survive in cool freezing winter?


I think Chupacabra has fur. Not as furry like poodle or bear but a reasonable amount of fur for a group of Fendi designers to shave. They are using Chupacabra fur to make this Mink Trimmed F6 Secret Code bag.  Mink? Yeah right! No peoples, that is not  mink fur, it is blood sucking chupacabra fur (or maybe Vampire pet!). No wonder this bag look scary! You can put on black cloak, apply jet black lipstick, sharp eyebrow and wait for the fangs to grow at night. You are ready to go out to suck blood accompany by your trusted Mink Chupacabra Trimmed Secret F6 bag. Be careful to get back before the sun rise.

They sell this for like USD4,330.00 at Expensive? Not at all. Chupacabra is really a rare and hard to find. Only Fendi knows how to catch (and shave) this so called legendary creature!



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