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I am a huge, big, gigantic whatever the words you want to use FAN of Madonna. She is an icon that inspires me in so many ways. I know what my passion (beside fashion) is and from Madonna I started to appreciate and understand why we fall in love with music. As a video driven artist, she makes me waiting and anticipating what she going to be in her next video. She turns 50 on August 16. This is a tribute to the BIG M.


Italians do it better in sex before marriage and making babies (and keeping them!). Guess that is what Madonna really wanted to tell the world in her Papa Don’t Preach video. The statement written on black t-shirt makes young Italians proud while some adults think this girl will start one shocking wave- and boy they are so true! In that video, she seduce that sexy mechanic, become pregnant, ignore her friends advice and tell her father (after washing the dishes) that she was pregnant and will keep the baby. But in my family, if my sister tells my father she is carries her boyfriend baby after washing the dishes, I believe there will be a lot of cup and flying saucers.

No tote does it better than Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply tote. Available for only USD128.00 @ She can use this bag throughout 80’s. Very IN with leather jacket, stripes sweater, short crop hair (just like Madonna in this video) and to carry ‘baby’ milk bottle. Papa, please do not preach again, you must love her ‘baby’ just like quarter of the world populations that adore Madonna!


This video is a sign of women empowerment. Forget about the usual female topless and sexy mermaid that is only sailors imagination, maybe because the horny thing. This Madonna Cherish her sexual desire by flirting and kissing with 2 or 3 hunky male mermaids (I am worry about her kissing with a very young possibly underage male mermaid). This time she left her one piece pointed cup bikini at home but opt for black button up dress. Very classy!

She is having a good time with the sexy fishes. Erm.. I just wonder about the smell. Is it fishy?

But there is nothing fishy about Hermes cotton toile beach bag. Available at (USD930.00) in selection of few vibrant colour. I will choose this bag instead of mermaids, this bag smell very expensive, exclusive and Hermes. Mermaid smell fishy, really turn me off. Hermes is definitely something that you can cherish for the rest of the summer forever!


Come one Vogue, lets your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey….

Did you ever dance Vogue? If you did, you just like millions out there. Until today, this song is very relevant, very lively and I just can sing it and still look young now! I just can’t forget Madonna in that video. The image has stuck into my memory.

I remember me and a couples of friends try to dance Vogue. We guess we look cute that time. The words Vogue is so powerful that until today if we want to describe something classy we will say ‘Does it look Vogue”. Word to describe Vogue video is definitely timeless.

Talking about timeless and celebrated her 10th Birthday this year and always relevant even 199 years from now is Fendi Baguette. Available in any material you can imagine. This is the bag that should keep your heart pumping, just like whenever I listen to Vogue.


The first album with Parental Advisory is her fifth studio album. This album was banned in few countries. This is not a great era for Madonna. To make things worst, this is the first debut single that fail to reach No 1 in US Billboard.

Madonna reveal her sadism and masochism in Erotica accompany by her friend like Naomi Campbell (Naomi also appear nude in Madonna coffee book SEX). The controversial scenes in the video are graphic and provocative. What do you need to look like Madonna in Erotica video? Black dominatrix costume with Zorro mask with accessories, stick maybe to punish a very bad guys or girls.

To complete the S&M she needs one more accessories. That would be Zanzibar leather clutch. This fold over with crystal encrusted skull on front. Just like lucky charm for someone like Madonna. Zanzibar available at for 931.49 pound.


Evita and Madonna share something in common. It is a classic story of rich from rags. Evita is a fashion icon and Madonna is a fashion diva. Evita hitches a ride to Buenos Aires to become an actress while Madonna travels to New York to become a dancer. Both are real legend! Madonna won Golden Globe Best Motion Picture, Best Original Song and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture to be Evita while Evita was given the Spiritual Leader of the Nation” by the Argentine Congress.

Madonna marks her name in Guinness World Record Title when she changed 85 times costumes in Evita. She broke Elizabeth Taylor 1963 record for Cleopatra (63 changes). It is a battle of the diva. Madonna always won. In the movie, she wears 39 hats, 45 pairs of shoes and 56 pairs of earrings.

This record mentioned nothing about bag, but if one bag to describe Madonna in Evita is mother of all bags, Hermes Birkin Bag. I must say that, if you don’t own a Birkin, shame on you I don’t have any Birkin, shame on me! Or maybe the fact that the price starting from USD7500.00. This bag is made by experienced craftsmen. Birkin is usually made from saltwater crocodile skin. Larger scales equals to bigger price.

But do not get excited! if you are not Madonna, there’s a chance you have to wait for about like about two years to carry Birkin. Yes girlfriend, the waitlist for Birkin is up to two years. That is the power of Madonna, I mean Hermes.


Madonna turns to India in her Frozen Video. She painted her hand with Henna Ink and performed some kind of movement like Indian dance. It is like watching a horror movie. The abandoned desert, flying crows, flying Madonna and Madonna in black Gaultier dress and long black wig!

Turn your fashion sense to India just like Madonna. Anuschka offer hand painted leather bag in deep and vivid colours. Very unique just like Madonna. Once you fall in love with Anuschka, you will become infatuated junkie. Just like an addiction to curry, you keep craving, waiting, and eating that hot bowl of chicken curry with hot place of rice. Anuschka bags available at


This video won six awards in 1998 MTV Video Music Award. Frankly, I don’t expect Ray of Light to win so many awards. The video shows images of usual daily life. Anything from lab mice to peoples having lunch. Very busy video, it is like everything moves really fast. It just like how our daily life took over our life! Madonna took mine since I was like 10 .. Madonna looks very energetic in denim.

Her bag for this album is definitely embroided blue zucca denim with pinked leather trim and peter tone hardware. Fast track for this bag is at for USD920.00.


If I’m smart then I’ll run away, but I’m not so I guess I’ll stay. Haven’t you heard? I fell in love with the beautiful stranger.” Yes, she falls in love to a bunch of beautiful guys ranging from Sean Penn, Warren Betty to Guy Ritchie but she is the smartest powerful girl on earth. She can pick any men she wants and ditch them whenever she wants like Carlos Leon.

In Beautiful Stranger video, Austin Power aka Mike Myers being assigned to catch a spy named Madonna who was responsible for the killing of agent 007. Austin heads to the club where the spy (Madonna) perform sexy dance. Austin begins to have fantasies like having Madonna licking his face. He ends up falling in love with Madonna with that everything sexy and money to match, who doesn’t?

Spy like Madonna needs something like this Spy Bag from Fendi in soft laminated nappa leather with gold tone hardware. Very mysterious, edgy and sexy just like Spy Madonna. If you want to feels how it likes to be like Spy Madonna, get this @ for 987.77 pound.


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