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Something that we should grateful is when we can get something so cheap, easily available and at the same time it is the key pieces of the season. These pieces will transport you to back to 1980’s    when gadget guy that can fixed and destroyed almost anything (MacGyver), Transformer is only a cartoon and David Hasselhoff talks to car and not to bikini-clad lifeguards (Knight Rider) rule the TVland. Ok, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you are maybe under 25.


I went for window shopping (like I know what is ‘window shopping’ means!) at Topshop and l am so impressed with a wide selection of 80’s inspired tees. It’s like seating on the passenger seat next to Michael J Fox in Back To The Future and the car parked right in the middle of Topshop showroom in 1986. The 80’s details are not only on the print, but also on the cutting and shape. Oh… just love the Thundercat and Blondie tees!




Whether if you are underage or overage, get easy and stylish in 1980’s graphic print tees. Almost everyone you know like almost underage Rihanna and Paris Hilton (she wore her image print tees to let everybody know who she is).


image from

image from


Graphic print tees are at its best with your old jeans. For edgy casual fashionista look, wear it under suspender or studded belt (not both at the same time). Just do not afraid to be pump up the volume. 80’s style is all about trying to do everything loud and big and brave like big hair, lots of make-up, huge shoulder pad, broad shoulder supermodels and megastars Maddy and Jacko.


 Beautiful graphic print need cute graphic carries. Most women in the 80’s carry some kind like shopper bag with graphic prints like what is on their shirt. I am not sure why the big bag but it shows that IT environmental bag has existed since 80’s. The only difference is the print does not include sentence like ‘I am not a plastic bag”.



Be at the top with retro 80’s at or


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