Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


The other day I had a business discussion at the most stylish office I ever seen. It is posh, sleek, kind like Meade Office in Ugly Betty and the people who work there look posh, sleek and stylish too. I came early and there are only two ladies in the meeting room. One is “Coach Straight Hair”- she is carrying a Coach Ergo and the other is “Tod Arrogant Biatch” – she is carrying Tod Medium Helmet Bag and with a very icy cold attitude. To break the ice, I smile and say “hello ladies”. The “Coach Straight Hair” smile and she praise my Guess Vogue and I praise her Coach. But that “Tod Arrogant Biatch just gave me a very pale smile.  What is wrong with her? I calm my self by thinking maybe she is having PMS or bad hair day (her hair looks like a dry old wig!). I said “Nice Bag!” and she look at me and said “Thank you, its Toad!! I like Toad” For heaven sake, I know that is Tod, but definitely not Toad, the baby frog!



Whatever and how they pronounce Tod is not important for Tod’s mania. It is the bag that is something that you can proud carrying. The medium Helmet media bag is something that you should carry for the next few seasons considering the large tote era will be end soon. Made form soft calfskin, golden hardware (that is a perfect match with the grey onze skin), top zip closure and topstitching details. I like the pleats around the bag, which is really soft looking pleat; as soft as the soft calfskin.  Very feminine, clean and sophisticated; no wonder whose carrying Helmet will proudly show off to everyone her Tod or Toad! Helmet for USD1.495.00 at

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Sometimes we just try so hard to be or act like celebrities. No wonder designers chased, beg or maybe bribe the stylist of the stars just to get girls and boys like Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Justin Timberlake and Tom Cruise to put on their jeans or carry their bag. It is a very powerful marketing concept. But can we wear it right like celebrities?


 I will say maybe. “I look stunningly awesome” (at least that what I think!) when I put on aviator sunglasses like David Beckham. ”Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work” with hat ala Justin Timberlake that he wore in his concert because I feel very edgy today but the next day I felt like my face look so big and round like Chinese dumpling… (Why celebrities always had that sharp feature?). “It goes totally wrong” when I try to copy the look of Tom Cruise in Lion for Lambs. He looks like an absolute metro sexual office professional in low cut vest. I am not sure who designs Tom’s vest but I found one at Malaysian designer Key Ng 50% off sale. I feel so helpless and hopeless with words like “SALE”, “OFF” or “DISCOUNT”. Without any hesitation I bought that vest with hope it will give me the same kind of Tom Cruise persona and energy like I can jump non stop on the couch or something. The very next day I matched the vest with white shirt and red tie. But it makes me look like I am wearing plunging neckline blouse rather than designer vest. I don’t know why Tom Cruise did it better but I know; for me it is just wrong, wrong and wrong. The most disastrous my celebrity wannabe experience is when I want to feel the Paris Hilton lifestyle. I am not going to tell details because before I knew it, I reach my credit limit!


But you can never go wrong if you try to copy Jean Paul Gaultier style. No, it is nothing to do with Scottish Kilt or some called it skirt. It is the look when he takes at the end of the Hermes Fall runway show. He carries Jypsiere bag! JPG describe Jyspiere as “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags”.   Frankly I never own any Hermes bag because my credit limit is not like Paris Hilton. Jypsiere is masterpiece that is between classic Birkin and ultra modern messenger. A perfect bag for almost every season.  I envisaged Jypsiere will have the same impact like Birkin, if not more. It can be sling or oversized clutch bag. Whatever it will be you’ll be carrying a legend from one of the lushest brand.  Available in multiple colours and texture.  Around USD7000 at Hermes boutique. 




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Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl

I am not sure what about you, but when I was a little one, my parent or aunties never read any ‘bedtime story’. I must read to know what happened to girl who kisses the frog (yuck!!!) and girl named Rapunzel, which has very long hair .Erm… I wonder where she washed her hair because the wicked witch shut her in a tower. I keep imagining the dandruff and the oily hair (3x yuck!!).



There’s must be some kind of folklore behind Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl. I really don’t know and desperately want to know. Maybe an owl that has good judgment and can differ between girls that carry fabulous designer tote and others that carry something like groceries bag… Yes, I really think this leather Thoughtful Owl tote looks like something you can get for less than 10 bucks.   


But, remember, two good reasons to grab this @ for only USD179.00 are the effortless shape and the words “Marc by Marc Jacobs” stated beside the owl. Carry this to the right place at the right time.   Marc Jacobs is more recognizable in hip coffee place rather than ‘low end’ grocery store.

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On one fine day, over extra sweet diabetic condensed milk tea, I discuss about classic handbag with my dear friend, S who I up look for her charisma in her work and success story. She said if she talked bag, she meant nothing but Chanel. I don’t have a single Chanel, but I act like I know everything (I am getting very good at it) , I confidently  compliment the Chanel about the texture, the classic and the value, you know stuff mostly I read from fashion magazines and blogs. I guess to stop me from humiliating myself or maybe she just bored listen to me talking non-stop about what she already read in Vogue, she said in a very grace manner, “Chanel has ‘perfect quilt’”. 


Oh…. I got it! Like Bottega Veneta weave, Devi Kroell exotic leather….



Chanel and quilt is like Prince Charming and Cinderella, they live happily ever after. Quilt and Balenciaga is like Romeo and Juliet, in the end they both dead. A very tragic output is like Balenciaga cognac quilted tall bag made from drunken goat leather. Not sure what is the inspiration behind this bag but a bit like a cheap 1970’s brandy container. The quilts details is ‘too obvious and rough’, it is like it ‘pop up’ from the bag.  Some may think that you are carrying  a ‘bunch of grapes’ that 1916.00 cost USD1, 916.00 @  


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Reinvention is something that should be done in order to survive. It is a doing something that we familiar with and turn it into something very interesting into a different form. Like Madonna with her Reinvention tour in 2007. She can be considered old but her she always change her style, her music and her man. A virgin Madonna wannabe that dance to “Like A Virgin” tune in 1980’s watching her 13 year still virgin daughter dance to ‘4 minutes’ today. No wonder why Madonna is so rich!


I used to reinvent too. Like when I choose Time over Harper’s Bazaar. There are so many information you can get from Time. It’s is like my source of real knowledge. Flipping through Time over breakfast at McDonalds make me look like matured, smart and successful executive. I can see people looking at me and my Time. They must think ‘this guy must earning a lot in stock market’ or something. I am on my way to Fortune 500. What a reinvention!



It seems like Burberry reinvent too. Classic check is reinvented in form of Nova net drawstring shoulder bag. It is quite different from other Burberry check which most of it only suit for ‘city use’. Burberry is from London and no wonder most of the design is for girls or guys who take tube or red double storey bus to work. Nova is quite different. It is more for free and easy holiday in Langkawi. Even you are in your cheapest swim suit, you’ll look very expensive with Nova. A very ‘easy bag’ because you can adjust the double straps according to your comfort.  Price for free and comfort is USD995.00 @


Ok, let me tell you the truth. My reinvention plan failed. First, I don’t even buy Time.  I borrow that ‘knowledgeable magazine’ from my friend. Second, I try my best to read it but I only manage read only half of ‘quote of the day’ section. Third, after ‘reading’ that magazine at almost everywhere (including McDonalds) for almost one week, I back to Harper’s and Vogue. Fashion is some kind of reinvention too! It’s change every season.  Yes, I actually find my true reinvention. What a relieved!

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I spotted my friend proudly sling her new Coach Messenger bag in signature print which is very recognizable. She (and almost everyone) knows that I like bag so the first sentence that came out from her mouth is ‘do you like my bag?’ My answer is YES and it’s a true, sincere YES. It is not like the ‘YES’ at a wedding reception. The bride is in yellow couture dress . I said to myself slowly “Pity bride! But the bride think I say “Pretty bride!”. She looks at me  and asked ‘Do I look pretty in this dress?’. She smiling but I barely see the glowing because of the Kabuki-style make-up. This is a her wedding day and no way I am going to tell her that she looks very huge in that dress and that fake eyelashes make her look like  Big Bird from Sesame Street. 

Big Bird with First Lady Nixon image from

Big Bird with First Lady Nixon image from


Back to Coach Messenger. Frankly I am a tote person rather than messenger. I have a few messenger but eventually the messenger became ‘a large oversized man clutch’ when I take off the strap. But I am quite impressed with Coach Messenger. Especially from  Varick  Map bag collection. Very flexible and fun. It looks a bit like school boy bag but sometimes we need a bit of young element so we look and feel young. Available in few colours but my favourite is bright marine (blue).  This is what we called ‘stylish street bag’. Very relax and kind of effortless, you can carry it without any justification in life because the best treatment is fun. Bring back the fun (that once you had) with Coach for USD248.00 @

p.s: to my freind, the bride, if you read this, you know  I’ll do anything not to spoil your wedding day. Somebody told me you burn your wedding photos. I hope you also burn the make up artist and amputate the designer of that hideous ‘couture’ dress. But believe me, your hubby is a great person; like he let you use his VISA and pay your bills.







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We tend to identify or classify people by the way they look like those who wear rags are beggars or Olsens wannabe and those who refuse to wear underwear must be another Spears or Lohans or Careys. Even sometimes we can smell people based on their appearance, because my hair stylist always describe me as you always look smell good!


Is nothing different for designers,  minimalist synonym to CK sometimes I think why they need designer while I rushing to their boutique during sale almost every season, flamboyant and circus dress referring to Dior or JPG and the designers manage to become millionaire, you can’t imagine what you looking at but it look extremely stylish is Alexander Mcqueen, red hot Valentino, and that is only for rich middle aged man shirt definitely come from Dunhill rack.


It is not easy to come out or create signature look that is easy for us to identify. Only geniuses can come out with something that is so recognizable after 10 seconds we look at the dress or bag. Devi Kroell is one of the designers that in path to become so recognizable with her crystals and exotic leather. She really into crystal until lately I try to link crystal to  Devi Kroell.  


Love this one. Devi really goes into details in making of this exquisite clutch. Black crystals embellishments are neatly placed and arrange; like fish scales on the silver bar. It is black but in a polish luxury black, not that usual boring black. I really like the sphere link strap because I think enough is enough with some  designers trying to copy that chain look like on Chanel but they fails miserably.  Sometimes the chain bag looks very old, I mean really old even for old grandma.    


It looks very exquisite and elegant; you don’t need anything to looks expensive. Devi Kroell crystal embellishment clutch for USD2,790.00


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Image from

Image from


 I love sushi. Not only it taste fresh but I feel really trendy when I dip the unagi (eel) sushi into the soy sauce with a bit of wasabi. Its kind like exciting  in sushi restaurant. I can take everything from the conveyer belt. For those who not really familiar with Japanese conveyer restaurant or (‘Kaiten Zushi) is where sushi in colourful plates are placed on rotating conveyer belt that winds through the restaurant and past almost every seat plates. We can pick our selection and final bill is based on the colour of the plates.  A creative way to serve people and what a creative way to make me eat more than I can imagine and spend my money without I realising it. It’s like I become colour blind when I  can’t differentiate the colour of the plates (which will make me like What?!!!! when the bill come). Maybe because the exquisite taste of sushi.

Never do sushi without wasabi. I have quite an experience with wasabi. Mistakenly assume wasabi is mild, like some kind of tomato ketchup or mustard, I dip the sushi into wasabi paste, and I mean a HUGE PORTION of wasabi for a small piece of sushi. Then the strong  flavour attacked my nasal passage and feel like choking. Tears rolling from my eyes. The rest is history!


Now, I love my sushi with wasabi but very careful with it. Don’t want to mess with the green thing anymore. But, Elle Kate lunch bag come in erm.. green wasabi is something is not dangerous and it’s look cute and wearable. I am not going to buy this  because I don’t bring lunch to work or play (except at one time I obsessed with detox and eat nothing but tomatoes salad- tell you more about it in future entry).  The lunch box has very unique feature like drawstring closure; like a traditional Japanese rice container that I’ve seen in my late grandma Japanese series, Oshin.  Kate is made from 100% Nylon and the interior thermal interior is water and stain resistant and can be easily wiped so you don’t really have to worry about the cleaning thing. I can imagine Gwen Stefani carry this for a lunch picnic with Gavin and their two adorable boys, Kingston and Zuma. A not so conventional lunch box for not so conventional ladies like Gwen or maybe you.

Kate Wasabi Lunch bag for USD27.95

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I am so happy to live in country where King is the leader. I accept the Royal Constitution and grateful to live in a democratic country. King here is so powerful and he has the absolute say in so many things, which I think it is essential for peace and unity. Here  we believe King is someone we look up, accept and respect and everyone agreed with that including the paparazzi and fashion critic!


  Paparazzi here snap do not  snap our royal family having breakfast. Fashion critic don’t write or give rating for our royal dressing unlike in what they did for British Royal. I wonder what the British critic will say if Queen of England carry beige GG canvas ‘Royal’ drawstring tote. They probably write “king carry the fox that was been killed by Prince Philips”. I personally think this bag is odd and frightening. Like they kill fox (which is from Finland) and the fox haunt the bag. The open top has leather drawstring with tassels and bamboo ornaments, what it is for? If it is for lucky charm, sorry you will not get any lucky this time. “Finland Fox that killed by Prince Philip” bag at for USD1800.00.


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Last night I went out with two of my best buddies, B (the ‘handsome’ female-he) and F (the curvy lady- she). It is like a ritual for three of us to have late night supper and talk about almost anything, from country foreign policies to fantasies about stabbing someone.. Yes… stabbing someone. Sometimes we spend like 3 to 4 hours chatting while having glasses of the diabetic teh tariks (sweetened condensed milk tea)  with plates of MSG fried instant noodles. The reason why I just love spending time talk and talk and talk and talk to both of them is because they have brain, yes.. Real brain!


One of our discussions is about what is our purpose in life. F , the curvy attractive lady said she wants career advancement. She is willing to work hard and I can see that. She works and learn about the work just like typical scene in ‘nothing to rich’ movie; young executive that work hard and faces a lot of challenges until she succeeds. F is on track with career development but she told us that she needs steady boyfriend to complete her life < but I think she needs husband, oppsss… sorry F). About the boyfriend thing, maybe it is because her hair! Sorry 1000x again F!.


F and I quite worried about B( the ‘handsome’ female with stylish hair cut). He is in his 30’s with  and has what it takes  but doesn’t have any clear purpose in life. B has a lot of talent  that is in a ‘tight bottle and B need strength and strategy to open that bottles’. He is like setting goals but not in the right track to achieve that. F and I conclude that it is mainly because B lifestyle and attitude..  But B strength is he is willing to listen; especially to our free, irritating preaches. 



If you ask me, my aim is to earn reasonable enough money to live fabulously (yes, a bit like Kimora!). Stay in fancy house in hip area in town and holidaying in my big country house on top of the hill with my family and closed friends. When it comes to shop, I can buy almost whatever  including g legendary Louis Vuitton Damier Géant Canvas Conquérant 65 for USD3,520.00 @ because this is  luxury. The thing I like about LV Damier is because of thermo-compressed shape for extra space.  The canvas is from ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes. Worth every cents. Buy it today and you can use almost everyday in 20 years. But darling, this luggage is not even for me it’s for a monthly gift to  F and B.  I am rich, remember?


Yes maybe I can buy LV Damier with my paycheck now but it is possibly I am going have panic attack thinking what  to eat for the next two weeks. I have minor panic before like when I went to mall after reading money management self help book.  My original plan is to have dinner at the food court, not in fancy restaurant because the book said you can save as much as 40% eating at food court rather than fancy restaurant. But the  ‘SALE’ is everywhere. In the end I went home with new designer bag (the book said don’t sacrifice important staple thing), three pairs of  shoes at discounted price (the book said buy only things at discounted price), eye contour cream (again, staple thing) and books (including ‘Retired early with own saving’ – the book said you must read a lot improve your money management knowledge). The panic is when I accidentally see the bills.  To fix everything, I just think positive and humming ‘I’ll be thrifty next month’ before I go to bed.


Gosh, I can’t wait to get rich.


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