Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


It is really fun to watch a TV commercial about a hunky New Zealander (looks like All Black rugby player) teaching bunch of kids about the nutritious New Zealand cow milk. There’s scene about big fat cows grazing the green grass probably in New Zealand countryside. Grazing land is an important factor for healthy growth and development of cows. The best grazing grasses in the world is in New Zealand and that is why the best milk and healthiest cows are from that country.


I’m not good with cow but if you want to know more about cows probably the best person that you can ask is Francesco Biasia designers. This tall tote is made from fine Italian calf fur. If you like calf meat, you would probably like this bag. The fur is as soft, delicious and chewy as roast calf meat. Maybe not chewy but the calf hair is so soft like you can sleep on it. If you have like dozens of crocodiles in your closet and your nick name is Crocodile Dundee, maybe calf is a wise alternative.  The structural croc embossed leather trim give a strong look for this tote, as strong as Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee.


Just like some of us can’t forget Dundee, you won’t be forgets if you carry this.


Francesco Biasia Forget Me Not tote USD306.00 @


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