Confession of an Asian StyleHolic



My first impression about this bag, it is from Italy,   but after 2 seconds and spotted the signature big C’s, then I know it is from America. The retro swirling on Zoe Mosaic is so close to Pucci trademark.


The swirling is actually not a print like what on Pucci but a jacquard patchwork.  I am not sure if I am very excited about the swirl patchwork.  Coach called it mosaic. Not sure what type of mosaic, but pretty sure not a type of mosaic on any part of my house.  The colour combination doesn’t help to lift the mood of the bag. It is so dull and almost dead. Kill my mood and at a certain stage, it makes me dizzy. If I can’t sleep, I just look at this bag for 10 minutes, started to feel dizzy, sleepy and before I knew it, into Z. 



Maybe what I’m going to state here will not make everybody happy.  Please forgive me but I just have to say this. When it comes to swirl, no one does it better than Pucci.


Coach Mosaic for USD398.00 at


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