Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Exotic offering


Guess what make this bag? Hint. Long inches, round, thick, mostly dark and has big head and capable to spit some kind of liquid. Some women like it, but most hate it. Got it? If not, you better watch the bag carefully. Very, very carefully. Yes, it is long, thick, dark python.


I can tell it’s a python even if no hint given. Not because I pay bills with bags or the reason I watch Lipstick Jungle is to play guess the bags the trio carrying  Brooke Shield looks old, but still beautiful It’s because of the handle. The 10 inches, round, dark woven handle.  Like a dead python. 


But if you into the exotic and very authentic kind of bag, this luxury bag is something you should grab. The texture of the python look very real and fresh, just like you carrying a dead python. The colour help to uplift the spirit of the python guess that is natural python look like. Very details and real. No wonder some can claim she’ll buy nothing but Salvatore Ferragamo.  


But wait, I know some of you out might find that slimy, long python is the most disgusting and gross animal ever live on earth. But darling, the one that you hate is still alive, this is dead. That python is from tropical jungle but if you carry Salvatore Ferragamo Large Frame Python Satchel for about USD3,150.00 at you’ll survived in Lipstick jungle.


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