Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Do you love our world? If you love the world and environment, stop using paper to wipe your table. Instead use old cloth. Something that is like from fugly old blouse.  Which you really hate and the only place you can think of for her is dustbin. But instead throw her away, cut your blouse into pieces and use it as a washable wiping cloth. If you did this I salute you, because you do not use any tissue or kitchen paper but you opt for recycle, environmental friendly old piece of cloth. It is cheap, efficient, and washable.




Remember my entry about my prediction about what is Prada inspired bag? Well, I am not a good forecaster (my prediction is toilet roll inspired bag), but boy, I’m almost correct! Not a toilet bag but this bag is kind like I swear when the first time I saw this I thought this is an old piece of cloth that is used to wipe dirty kitchen (Possibly from a piece of old cheap blouse).


Seems peoples in Prada really fancy this old crumpled cloth. But, they use these pieces of old clothes and sell it for the masses.  The crumples are all over the bag and it is best for the bag to get some make over. Something like send it to laundry for steam iron treatment. Some called it unique but sorry I just call a fugly crumpled bag .This crumpled thing with Prada tag priced at USD512.00


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