Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


One of the best gift I ever received is on my 11th birthday from my classmate, when I was still in very early experimental fashion phase that include funny 80’s hair style which is considered cool during that time, very big loose shirt and Michael Jackson knee length tight pant- ok… maybe not that pant; I am not that ‘wacko’.


The birthday gift is handmade cross stitches handkerchief. It is not practical to use because of the structure but the stitches is so fine and neat. I really appreciate the style, the workmanship and the time it takes to prepare one of a kind handkerchief just for my 11th birthday. But when I show to it to my friends and my family, that handkerchief received mix reactions. Some say it very beautiful but that is when I told the one who stitch the handkerchief is 11 years old boy ,  positive reaction turn to very sarcastic comments like ‘ a boy made the handkerchief, he must be sissy’ or ‘ what type of 11 year old boy who stitch?


It is hard for eleven years old boy to listen to anything negative about his passion. My friend is always known for his talent for sewing, designing and what is in. He is my early influence, the one who dragged me into the world of fashion.  We both face a lot of humiliation and criticism just because we wear shirt like something fresh from the runway and talk more about what is in Vogue rather that who the best soccer player is in national league. Even some teachers in school don’t spare us. We were told that was some kind like a very bad influence or we are advised to change so we don’t get bullied or very bleak future waiting for us. Believe me, I still remember the faces that use to say that kind of stuff to us just because we being a bit different.


This one who reminds me to that state of the art stitches handkerchief is fine Fendi whipstitch leather clutch. Its looks a bit like baguette, but this is much better. The whipstitch looks very visible on black leather.  It’s the main focused of the bag. Even the jewel embellishment fails to outshine the outstanding simple stitches. Genius creation from one of the biggest fashion house in the world.  A coalition between boho and luxury. The boho is from the whipstitch and the luxury is from the jewels. You can get both experiences with clutch that can go for both look. Believe me it is rare to find clutch that can suit both. Mostly boho inspired clutch look like you are ready to read palm with crystal ball or clutch with jewel embellishment looks so fake and cheap. This is a runway look but at the same time very wearable. Definitely a winner.  Nothing lux boho than this for USD1910.00 at



Back to my story. It’s been like 20 years since I received that ‘luxury handkerchief’. We survived the humiliations and unwanted criticism. Last time I check, my friend who stitched has his own fashion label. His clients include the rich, the famous and of course those who had both-celebrities. He is very successful. Even everyone who I still recalled teasing us can’t even afford to buy any of his creation. Did I tell you we both earn more than most the kids and teachers who used to laugh at us during 80’s? They still live in  hometown and sometimes I meet them doing not so glamourous job. I am not that evil or snobbish exteremly arrogant but It’s like I stand before them and said ‘look I carry a Prada that priced more than your monthly salary.…. oh and I just did!

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