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Bottega Veneta Large Hobo


Gone are days when women carry straw bag to for groceries shopping. Some think straw basket only for those who still think they live in medieval period. The period where men go to war and women manage almost everything at home. It doesn’t change much today. Men up for work, women go to work but still doing almost everything at home. Sorry guys…. that’s a reality.


If you not into straw bag, you can get something like straw bag but it’s like almost 300 times expensive than straw basket from farmer market. Bottega Veneta Large intreccio natte hobo is kind of bag that Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives will carry to Wisteria Lane potluck party.


From Wisteria Lane to jungle. Remember in MTV Newlywed starring now divorced Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. If you can’t remember this reality series, you must had read somewhere about Jessica LV camping drama. She brought her LV for hiking and camping adventure. What a bad choice. Somebody should advise her do not repeat the same mistake. LV is too fragile for trees, leeches and bears. Instead she should choose Bottega intreccio natte hobo. She can keep almost anything like cans of ‘chicken of the sea tuna’ and her little puppy. This big bag will provide extra space for her little cute puppy to breath.


I guess intreccio natte hobo is as strong as handmade straw basket. You can see it from the structure. The only that can refrains you from slashing VISA is because it has no closure. But its kind cool too. Like maybe you can try to go for clean and pure like ‘17 year old country virgin go shopping look’. Buy a few petals of roses or tulips and let the flowers blossoms through the open closure. 


BV available intreccio natte hobo available at for USD4300.00.

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