Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Being one of the eldest among cousins and earning money comes with responsibility, at least for me. I am not sure about you but for it is like an unwritten obligation that I must pay everything every time I am with my cousins. But it is such a very cool and something that I await for if I have enough cash. Spend a reasonable amount of money for my family after I spend for myself. It is important to always put yourself first. If you put others priority ahead if you, it will be kind like a very ‘temporary’ satisfaction. If he or she behaving badly in return, you be like thinking again why on earth I sacrifice for someone like that. But if you sacrifice for others after you fulfill your needs and you do it sincerely, the feeling is great, more than the feeling of having extremely expensive Birkin after waiting for d**n 10 years while Victoria Beckham have it like in any colours we can imagine.

Birkin is also available for men. The irresistible oversized croc that I just can indulge for the rest of my life. But if looking at my status which is mortal normal human being and not alien in form of fashionable women like Ms Beckham plus the price that make me thinking it is better for the cash used for an apartment down payment, gone are the dream about carrying Birkin to reunion party and the sweet, fine compliment about ‘my own Birkin’ for almost all my friends.

No Birkin for me now but my friends praise my new Guess large Vogue bag which cost peanut compared to Birkin. I am not sure why I buy it. It is all started after I’m having dinner with my cousin and as usual I pay for everything. We have like catfish … yes, a very spicy deep fried catfish with rice and mango juice. It tasted so good. It kind like released the hormone and I feel so satisfied. When you are free from hunger and satisfied with what you eat, you are always turn to wise choice. So guys, remember to eat whatever you like before you even glance at the boutique rack.

Vogue has so strong feature some will think it is actually a men bag. It is for women (because they hang it in women section) but the salesgirl said it is for men or unisex .  still think it’s for women especially the fabric lining is very feminine with floral motives. Whatever it is, it is worth buying. Who cares about the lining! The high quality two tones brown and black PVC is really like fine leather. A couple of Silver plates that secured the handles can act as my instant mirror. This tote is something that can fit office, shopping mall and even to wedding reception.

Large, stylish tote like Vogue is essential to carry everything from my refreshing l00ml Calvin Klein Escape to funny Sophie Kinsella novel. Plus for environmental reason large bag is a substitute for plastic bag I am getting bored with the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ bag. Everything is nice and stylish and I was about to give thumb up for Vogue. But Vogue is not really friendly to my shoulder. The handle is too hard and it’s a BIT painful especially when Evian in it. Maybe people in Guess design it that in such a way so it is only to be carried in your arm and not on your shoulder.

But, I still give thumb up (with a BIT of painful shoulder) to Vogue. A stylish bag at a very reasonable or I can even say cheap price. If you too lazy for mall, you can always shop at for USD125.00, and this item shipped free!


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