Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


I just love Kimora Lee Simmons, especially when she said ‘I just don’t care what other people say, all the matter is what she say’. She’s entered my radar since her early modeling career. I remember watching her being interviewed for being one of the youngest Chanel model. She is so skinny then. But now, she’s quite erm…. a relatively big in industry standard. Her accessories are as flamboyant as her personality. Oversized gold necklace on the top and big diamond on fingers and ridiculously expensive designer dress wrap her body; she telling the world she is a very fabulously rich girl.


Ladies who act like Kimora but with ‘severe extra attitude’ is not a new species to me. From where I came from, they are everywhere and I  labeled them as the Golden Aunties. These women dressed to kill and wear a lot of accessories made from real gold and diamonds. They wear almost all the ‘bling’ you can imagine sometimes they end up looking like a walking Christmas trees. If you want to know latest buzz or gossip in town, they are far more efficient and up to date from internet. It is like very ‘IN’ to know what happened to neighbors, from their marital status to latest furniture purchase. Just like Kimora, they try their best to show off their wealth to the world by showing all diamonds they own. It is a normal scene in wedding reception if they roll their sleeve to show the thick shiny gold bracelet or purposely doing moves so peoples will realize that they are actually wearing huge chandelier ear ring plus big diamond bling on their fingers.



I bet if you give Golden Aunties this jeweled Prada clutch a birthday gift, believe me they will match this satin clutch with full beaded dress, big Chopard ring and huge Mikimoto pearl necklace. They will parade and flash the clutch the best as they can.


Prada manage to bring glam and luxury into this cute clutch. Interesting feature is the front flap. It is full with jeweled cluster while the Prada ‘tag’ is placed behind. But if you not Golden Aunties, you do not need that when the jeweled and satin is enough to  make you be and feel glamorous. Prada satin jeweled clutch at for  USD840.00.


Back to Golden Aunties, yes sometimes they can be very irritating but if you know how ‘handle and manage’ them, sometimes they are actually a very fun and happening ladies to hang out with.  


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