Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Last night I went out with two of my best buddies, B (the ‘handsome’ female-he) and F (the curvy lady- she). It is like a ritual for three of us to have late night supper and talk about almost anything, from country foreign policies to fantasies about stabbing someone.. Yes… stabbing someone. Sometimes we spend like 3 to 4 hours chatting while having glasses of the diabetic teh tariks (sweetened condensed milk tea)  with plates of MSG fried instant noodles. The reason why I just love spending time talk and talk and talk and talk to both of them is because they have brain, yes.. Real brain!


One of our discussions is about what is our purpose in life. F , the curvy attractive lady said she wants career advancement. She is willing to work hard and I can see that. She works and learn about the work just like typical scene in ‘nothing to rich’ movie; young executive that work hard and faces a lot of challenges until she succeeds. F is on track with career development but she told us that she needs steady boyfriend to complete her life < but I think she needs husband, oppsss… sorry F). About the boyfriend thing, maybe it is because her hair! Sorry 1000x again F!.


F and I quite worried about B( the ‘handsome’ female with stylish hair cut). He is in his 30’s with  and has what it takes  but doesn’t have any clear purpose in life. B has a lot of talent  that is in a ‘tight bottle and B need strength and strategy to open that bottles’. He is like setting goals but not in the right track to achieve that. F and I conclude that it is mainly because B lifestyle and attitude..  But B strength is he is willing to listen; especially to our free, irritating preaches. 



If you ask me, my aim is to earn reasonable enough money to live fabulously (yes, a bit like Kimora!). Stay in fancy house in hip area in town and holidaying in my big country house on top of the hill with my family and closed friends. When it comes to shop, I can buy almost whatever  including g legendary Louis Vuitton Damier Géant Canvas Conquérant 65 for USD3,520.00 @ because this is  luxury. The thing I like about LV Damier is because of thermo-compressed shape for extra space.  The canvas is from ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes. Worth every cents. Buy it today and you can use almost everyday in 20 years. But darling, this luggage is not even for me it’s for a monthly gift to  F and B.  I am rich, remember?


Yes maybe I can buy LV Damier with my paycheck now but it is possibly I am going have panic attack thinking what  to eat for the next two weeks. I have minor panic before like when I went to mall after reading money management self help book.  My original plan is to have dinner at the food court, not in fancy restaurant because the book said you can save as much as 40% eating at food court rather than fancy restaurant. But the  ‘SALE’ is everywhere. In the end I went home with new designer bag (the book said don’t sacrifice important staple thing), three pairs of  shoes at discounted price (the book said buy only things at discounted price), eye contour cream (again, staple thing) and books (including ‘Retired early with own saving’ – the book said you must read a lot improve your money management knowledge). The panic is when I accidentally see the bills.  To fix everything, I just think positive and humming ‘I’ll be thrifty next month’ before I go to bed.


Gosh, I can’t wait to get rich.



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