Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Reinvention is something that should be done in order to survive. It is a doing something that we familiar with and turn it into something very interesting into a different form. Like Madonna with her Reinvention tour in 2007. She can be considered old but her she always change her style, her music and her man. A virgin Madonna wannabe that dance to “Like A Virgin” tune in 1980’s watching her 13 year still virgin daughter dance to ‘4 minutes’ today. No wonder why Madonna is so rich!


I used to reinvent too. Like when I choose Time over Harper’s Bazaar. There are so many information you can get from Time. It’s is like my source of real knowledge. Flipping through Time over breakfast at McDonalds make me look like matured, smart and successful executive. I can see people looking at me and my Time. They must think ‘this guy must earning a lot in stock market’ or something. I am on my way to Fortune 500. What a reinvention!



It seems like Burberry reinvent too. Classic check is reinvented in form of Nova net drawstring shoulder bag. It is quite different from other Burberry check which most of it only suit for ‘city use’. Burberry is from London and no wonder most of the design is for girls or guys who take tube or red double storey bus to work. Nova is quite different. It is more for free and easy holiday in Langkawi. Even you are in your cheapest swim suit, you’ll look very expensive with Nova. A very ‘easy bag’ because you can adjust the double straps according to your comfort.  Price for free and comfort is USD995.00 @


Ok, let me tell you the truth. My reinvention plan failed. First, I don’t even buy Time.  I borrow that ‘knowledgeable magazine’ from my friend. Second, I try my best to read it but I only manage read only half of ‘quote of the day’ section. Third, after ‘reading’ that magazine at almost everywhere (including McDonalds) for almost one week, I back to Harper’s and Vogue. Fashion is some kind of reinvention too! It’s change every season.  Yes, I actually find my true reinvention. What a relieved!


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