Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


We tend to identify or classify people by the way they look like those who wear rags are beggars or Olsens wannabe and those who refuse to wear underwear must be another Spears or Lohans or Careys. Even sometimes we can smell people based on their appearance, because my hair stylist always describe me as you always look smell good!


Is nothing different for designers,  minimalist synonym to CK sometimes I think why they need designer while I rushing to their boutique during sale almost every season, flamboyant and circus dress referring to Dior or JPG and the designers manage to become millionaire, you can’t imagine what you looking at but it look extremely stylish is Alexander Mcqueen, red hot Valentino, and that is only for rich middle aged man shirt definitely come from Dunhill rack.


It is not easy to come out or create signature look that is easy for us to identify. Only geniuses can come out with something that is so recognizable after 10 seconds we look at the dress or bag. Devi Kroell is one of the designers that in path to become so recognizable with her crystals and exotic leather. She really into crystal until lately I try to link crystal to  Devi Kroell.  


Love this one. Devi really goes into details in making of this exquisite clutch. Black crystals embellishments are neatly placed and arrange; like fish scales on the silver bar. It is black but in a polish luxury black, not that usual boring black. I really like the sphere link strap because I think enough is enough with some  designers trying to copy that chain look like on Chanel but they fails miserably.  Sometimes the chain bag looks very old, I mean really old even for old grandma.    


It looks very exquisite and elegant; you don’t need anything to looks expensive. Devi Kroell crystal embellishment clutch for USD2,790.00



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  1. Devi Kroell shoes on Gilt Group today!

    Comment by zizihua | July 15, 2009

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