Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


On one fine day, over extra sweet diabetic condensed milk tea, I discuss about classic handbag with my dear friend, S who I up look for her charisma in her work and success story. She said if she talked bag, she meant nothing but Chanel. I don’t have a single Chanel, but I act like I know everything (I am getting very good at it) , I confidently  compliment the Chanel about the texture, the classic and the value, you know stuff mostly I read from fashion magazines and blogs. I guess to stop me from humiliating myself or maybe she just bored listen to me talking non-stop about what she already read in Vogue, she said in a very grace manner, “Chanel has ‘perfect quilt’”. 


Oh…. I got it! Like Bottega Veneta weave, Devi Kroell exotic leather….



Chanel and quilt is like Prince Charming and Cinderella, they live happily ever after. Quilt and Balenciaga is like Romeo and Juliet, in the end they both dead. A very tragic output is like Balenciaga cognac quilted tall bag made from drunken goat leather. Not sure what is the inspiration behind this bag but a bit like a cheap 1970’s brandy container. The quilts details is ‘too obvious and rough’, it is like it ‘pop up’ from the bag.  Some may think that you are carrying  a ‘bunch of grapes’ that 1916.00 cost USD1, 916.00 @  



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