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Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl

I am not sure what about you, but when I was a little one, my parent or aunties never read any ‘bedtime story’. I must read to know what happened to girl who kisses the frog (yuck!!!) and girl named Rapunzel, which has very long hair .Erm… I wonder where she washed her hair because the wicked witch shut her in a tower. I keep imagining the dandruff and the oily hair (3x yuck!!).



There’s must be some kind of folklore behind Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl. I really don’t know and desperately want to know. Maybe an owl that has good judgment and can differ between girls that carry fabulous designer tote and others that carry something like groceries bag… Yes, I really think this leather Thoughtful Owl tote looks like something you can get for less than 10 bucks.   


But, remember, two good reasons to grab this @ for only USD179.00 are the effortless shape and the words “Marc by Marc Jacobs” stated beside the owl. Carry this to the right place at the right time.   Marc Jacobs is more recognizable in hip coffee place rather than ‘low end’ grocery store.


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