Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Sometimes we just try so hard to be or act like celebrities. No wonder designers chased, beg or maybe bribe the stylist of the stars just to get girls and boys like Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Justin Timberlake and Tom Cruise to put on their jeans or carry their bag. It is a very powerful marketing concept. But can we wear it right like celebrities?


 I will say maybe. “I look stunningly awesome” (at least that what I think!) when I put on aviator sunglasses like David Beckham. ”Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work” with hat ala Justin Timberlake that he wore in his concert because I feel very edgy today but the next day I felt like my face look so big and round like Chinese dumpling… (Why celebrities always had that sharp feature?). “It goes totally wrong” when I try to copy the look of Tom Cruise in Lion for Lambs. He looks like an absolute metro sexual office professional in low cut vest. I am not sure who designs Tom’s vest but I found one at Malaysian designer Key Ng 50% off sale. I feel so helpless and hopeless with words like “SALE”, “OFF” or “DISCOUNT”. Without any hesitation I bought that vest with hope it will give me the same kind of Tom Cruise persona and energy like I can jump non stop on the couch or something. The very next day I matched the vest with white shirt and red tie. But it makes me look like I am wearing plunging neckline blouse rather than designer vest. I don’t know why Tom Cruise did it better but I know; for me it is just wrong, wrong and wrong. The most disastrous my celebrity wannabe experience is when I want to feel the Paris Hilton lifestyle. I am not going to tell details because before I knew it, I reach my credit limit!


But you can never go wrong if you try to copy Jean Paul Gaultier style. No, it is nothing to do with Scottish Kilt or some called it skirt. It is the look when he takes at the end of the Hermes Fall runway show. He carries Jypsiere bag! JPG describe Jyspiere as “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags”.   Frankly I never own any Hermes bag because my credit limit is not like Paris Hilton. Jypsiere is masterpiece that is between classic Birkin and ultra modern messenger. A perfect bag for almost every season.  I envisaged Jypsiere will have the same impact like Birkin, if not more. It can be sling or oversized clutch bag. Whatever it will be you’ll be carrying a legend from one of the lushest brand.  Available in multiple colours and texture.  Around USD7000 at Hermes boutique. 





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  1. Birkin will always be my dream bag!

    Comment by Sasha... | October 9, 2008

  2. do you think those bag will work on a guy? i work for tv station, once saw man carried it but bit hesitate to copy the style , i like its design

    Comment by Bmawardie | October 17, 2010

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