Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


This is not super-rich Kiera Knightley. This is my freind; super-girl Kiera, that has two job, sport apparel marketing executive by day and holiday resort telemarketeer at night. Kiera currently skipping her mid afternoon snack to buy Gucci bag. She is not really sure what type of bag she wants but she told me that the bag must be very affordable (most important!), unisex, practical for work and play and something really… well… very Gucci.


Maybe for some, buying Gucci is nothing. But for this girl, it is everything. She is a sole breadwinner after her father passed away 3 years ago. Believe me, she works so hard day and night to support her family (especially her two younger brothers are still in college!). I give her credit for looking like a rich classy spoiled girl on MTV reality show even after very long working hours.


It s quite challenging task to find a Gucci bag that fit her requirement. The main criteria are that Gucci must be affordable. Frankly, looking at Kiera financial situation, she can only get a fake Gucci. But, this is Kiera. She set her own standard and principle like “I am not rich but fake is not in my vocabulary”.


Unisex bag is so easy to find. The rule is girl can always carry man bag if she knows the limit. Baggy jeans with man bag are ok if you want to be Elle DeGeneres. But if you want to be Portia De Rossi, you must carry your man bag with a splash of feminine wear.


Travel from office to office in her day job required her to have something very easy to carry. I will not recommend her any tote because just last three month ago, a theft snatch her Calvin Klein patent leather tote. What an inconsiderate thief, she must sell about 5 holiday packages to buy that bag!


She do not have enough fund to buy Gucci every season so “her Gucci” must be very classic, luxurious, and very Gucci (think Victoria Beckham). The one that she can carry now and still relevant in 2012.  I definitely refrain her from buying black nylon logo appliqué messenger bag for USD1, 695.00. It look too “street wear” and she is not a gothic cult follower.



Instead I will ask her to buy Gucci black nylon messenger bag. It’s a man bag but at the same time very ok for lady, at only around USD450.00; it is cheap for Gucci standard and it is within Kiera reach. The leather trimmed woven nylon with signature web stripe down front and Rubberized GG logo with front patch pocket proved this is a real Gucci signature.  Hope Kiera can buy this bag ASAP. This is too good too be true.


Kiera, once you have enough fund, placed your order at



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Jimmy Choo Savannah pouch

It is a very proud moment when I introduced myself during an international event reception dinner.  “Hello, I am Hafiz, from Malaysia; the land of famous label on celebrities heels, Jimmy Choo”.  Ok it is partially true, I only mentioned my name and country, not the Jimmy Choo and heels thing. But I hope they get the idea; like remember Malaysia remember Jimmy Choo, think Nemo think Australia ocean and think Borat think Kazakhstan … ok maybe not… Kazakhstan people is much more educated and cultured than stupid, ego maniac and very never know how to respect other culture plus insensitive Sacha Baron Cohen!


Now, Jimmy Choo venturing into bags. A lot of bags.  Celebrities not only slip into Choo but also carry Choo! The shoes so synonymous with high status, luxury, practicality and sex appeal (even I am not a big fan of his shoes) but I am not sure if I can say that anything about status, luxury, practicality or sex appeal if we’re talking about Savannah Pouch here. Let me tell you why Savannah not my choice.




Now, it is really in to bring customs folklore style into high fashion look. Some succeed and some not really make it. Well people in Jimmy Choo really take cue from the latest trend but this pouch really look like a normal fringe suede pouch that you can get at any hawker or souvenir shop at cost nothing more than USD100. And guess how much this pouch cost? A whooping USD1, 650.00 at Guys, for that amount of money, you can get much, much better than this. Plus the beaded embroidery in ‘star motive’. I am not sure what is that symbol and I am not interested to know. 



Should I feel proud to tell everyone that I am from Malaysia, the land of Jimmy Choo? Yes… but only because of the shoes. Oh… really hope Jimmy Choo himself will design the bag. Because I understand that currently Mr. Jimmy Choo only focused on designing “some couture shoes line” and ‘other commitment like shoes institute in Malaysia’ after selling most of his stake in the company to Tamara Mellon.




Jimmy, please come back!



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Some things can make people become very excited, adore and that will lead to obsession.

Obsession can be really bad. Like if you obsessed with food, you become obese (do not believe celebrity chefs when they said “I eat anything” or “food is something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life” while they look gorgeous in sculptured and body fitted designer outfit). Obsession can be really bad when someone absolutely obsessed with the girl or a guy. A guy killed himself for Bjork, John Lennon had been shot by her psychopath fan and Madonna received tons of death threat every year just because she is so famous.

My case is with Madonna, that Material Girl. No, I don’t  video myself like Britney Spears “Leave her Alone” fan on YouTube. Wow.. he is really crying. FYI, this guy post her video on YouTube and  states that Britney is “not well“, therefore we should leave her alone. He crying like a really depressed and distressed guy. No.. I am not that!


Britney "leave her alone" fan on YouTube

Britney "Leave Her Alone" fan on YouTube

It is all started with an excitement when listening to her song “Like A Virgin” in 1986, really adore her when she dance with mermaids in “Cherish” in 1989 and became obsessed in 1990; thanks to Vogue! During my obsession period, I can’t live a day without thinking about her. I remember all her quote, style and also what she did was so acceptable. Like cursing on stage or nude and my thought is, “that’s fine; she is Madonna and can do anything.


Some obsessed with brand. During my recent function, I was introduced to a lady who carrying an exquisite Coach Printed Crocodile Peyton. (USD1200) 

Printed Crocodile Peyton
Printed Crocodile Peyton

 She seems so excited when I told her that I am a bag blogger. Being a bag fetish, it is like having a special connection when talking with someone that shared same interest. We discuss almost anything about bags, from prices to why lady next table carrying a hideous hobo tote and her obsession to Coach! She just bought two dozen of Coaches during her last visit to US. Wow, what a “Coachian”, I would like to do that, like buying two dozens of designer bag; if only my bank willing to give me unlimited credit to my card!

I understand her obsession about this American brand. So for those Coachian out there, this is what should have, a bunch of Madison’s from Coach!



 Do not leave home without this minimal Madison small hobo in fine lightweight Italian leather for USD248.00.  Another reason to ditch your heavy big tote.



 If you feel like carry very light purse, get this slim leather mini skinny for USD48. But, remember this is only for your coins and keys and not additional ‘items’ like your make up set! It is called leather skinny purse, so let this purse light and slim.


Coach girl do not go anywhere without make up on her face and in her case. Keep your make up set that include lip gloss, fake eyelashes, 6 lipsticks, compact powder, concealer, foundation and 6 tone eye shadows in this USD98.00 large cosmetic case.



For those who still find something to keep that check book, bills, and almost dozen credit card. Listen! This Checkbook Wallet has full length bill compartment, removable checkbook holder with pen loop and twelve credit card pockets and I.D windows. At USD248.00, small price to keep you stylish and organize.



 For lazy weekend, sling Madison Opt art crossbody (USD178.00). Enough say!


 Scarf can be another powerful accessories to enhance your style. Madison oblong scarf at USD68.00 is the perfect tool.


 Or if you like everything slim and cute, tie your ponytail braids with Madison Ponytail scarf that cost only USD38. If you think with ponytail braids will make you look like Swedish girl named Pippi Longstocking, feel glamorous no matter what occasion by place it around your neck.

Image from

Image from

Well, I don’t it is nothing wrong to obsessed with certain brand. It will not make kill someone, it just make you loose your mind and maybe your cash! So keep obsessing with brand. Madison collection at









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I don’t know what happened to me lately.  My new name is Lazy, Procrastinate, Uninspired and Ignore “The Law of Attraction” I blamed my long festive holidays and eating too much during the ‘free period’. The major symptoms is I ‘ditch my blog’ for like million weeks. Everyday I promised my self to post an entry but this is to no avail. I should start focusing on writing instead of laughing when girls in America Next Top Model crying when the trained stylist on earth cut their hair or reading endless blogs and comments about Obama, Sarah Palin and the grey haired guy who wish to stay in White House.  This is not me!


The worst thing that happened to me is I like losing my appetite for bags! Oh… I never felt this way before. I wonder why, why and why. To search for answer, I took a walking therapy session at high end mall near my place. Passing by Gucci, I feel nothing. Prada does not affect my heartbeat and the word SALE seems so uninviting. I passed so many boutiques and outlet stores, but almost all bags seemed ugly. That is until I passed Thomas Pink.


For those who don’t know, Thomas Pink is a brand originally from London. Founded by Irish brothers; James, Peter and John Mullen in 1984, the business grow from just a shop in Chelsea, London to shops all over the world. For bagholic, you will be quite disappointed because I don’t think they sell bags. Thomas Pink is famous for its clean white shirt. Most of the shirt is cut to perfection with understated sophistication. My favourite is their slim fit collection. I ‘do them’ anytime!


But there are no bags and what the hell am I doing here? It is because this Pink, cute and word Pink on it. It is Pink Bag by Thomas Pink. I am not really in pink bag but this pink an acceptable pink. It doesn’t look like my niece cheap pink bag. I carry Pink Bag for the first time with my black TopMan shirt to work and it get quite an amount of attention. Some of them say it is cute, a tote they really want to carry and some of them say who is Thomas Pink?


Ok… maybe Thomas Pink is not really famous on this part of the world but that doesn’t mean they failed to offer something spectacular. Except from it doesn’t have any zipper closure, this bag is something that is you should consider. The colour, the famous “Thomas Pink Jermyn Street”; (the street that is notable for fine shirt and the location of Thomas Pink store opened in 1989) just enough to tell everyone you carry something not so ordinary. . Did I tell you that you Pink Bag are free? Yes, if you purchase the Thomas lady shirt. If purchasing the idea of purchasing lady shirt just to get this bag is not you idea, you can get Pink Bag only at around USD20.


Visit for store locator near you.


Thank you Thomas Pink, you put me back on track. The Pink Bag is like a medicine or booster that brought back my appetite for bags. I am ready to shop darling. 



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