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Jimmy Choo Savannah pouch

It is a very proud moment when I introduced myself during an international event reception dinner.  “Hello, I am Hafiz, from Malaysia; the land of famous label on celebrities heels, Jimmy Choo”.  Ok it is partially true, I only mentioned my name and country, not the Jimmy Choo and heels thing. But I hope they get the idea; like remember Malaysia remember Jimmy Choo, think Nemo think Australia ocean and think Borat think Kazakhstan … ok maybe not… Kazakhstan people is much more educated and cultured than stupid, ego maniac and very never know how to respect other culture plus insensitive Sacha Baron Cohen!


Now, Jimmy Choo venturing into bags. A lot of bags.  Celebrities not only slip into Choo but also carry Choo! The shoes so synonymous with high status, luxury, practicality and sex appeal (even I am not a big fan of his shoes) but I am not sure if I can say that anything about status, luxury, practicality or sex appeal if we’re talking about Savannah Pouch here. Let me tell you why Savannah not my choice.




Now, it is really in to bring customs folklore style into high fashion look. Some succeed and some not really make it. Well people in Jimmy Choo really take cue from the latest trend but this pouch really look like a normal fringe suede pouch that you can get at any hawker or souvenir shop at cost nothing more than USD100. And guess how much this pouch cost? A whooping USD1, 650.00 at Guys, for that amount of money, you can get much, much better than this. Plus the beaded embroidery in ‘star motive’. I am not sure what is that symbol and I am not interested to know. 



Should I feel proud to tell everyone that I am from Malaysia, the land of Jimmy Choo? Yes… but only because of the shoes. Oh… really hope Jimmy Choo himself will design the bag. Because I understand that currently Mr. Jimmy Choo only focused on designing “some couture shoes line” and ‘other commitment like shoes institute in Malaysia’ after selling most of his stake in the company to Tamara Mellon.




Jimmy, please come back!




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