Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


This is not super-rich Kiera Knightley. This is my freind; super-girl Kiera, that has two job, sport apparel marketing executive by day and holiday resort telemarketeer at night. Kiera currently skipping her mid afternoon snack to buy Gucci bag. She is not really sure what type of bag she wants but she told me that the bag must be very affordable (most important!), unisex, practical for work and play and something really… well… very Gucci.


Maybe for some, buying Gucci is nothing. But for this girl, it is everything. She is a sole breadwinner after her father passed away 3 years ago. Believe me, she works so hard day and night to support her family (especially her two younger brothers are still in college!). I give her credit for looking like a rich classy spoiled girl on MTV reality show even after very long working hours.


It s quite challenging task to find a Gucci bag that fit her requirement. The main criteria are that Gucci must be affordable. Frankly, looking at Kiera financial situation, she can only get a fake Gucci. But, this is Kiera. She set her own standard and principle like “I am not rich but fake is not in my vocabulary”.


Unisex bag is so easy to find. The rule is girl can always carry man bag if she knows the limit. Baggy jeans with man bag are ok if you want to be Elle DeGeneres. But if you want to be Portia De Rossi, you must carry your man bag with a splash of feminine wear.


Travel from office to office in her day job required her to have something very easy to carry. I will not recommend her any tote because just last three month ago, a theft snatch her Calvin Klein patent leather tote. What an inconsiderate thief, she must sell about 5 holiday packages to buy that bag!


She do not have enough fund to buy Gucci every season so “her Gucci” must be very classic, luxurious, and very Gucci (think Victoria Beckham). The one that she can carry now and still relevant in 2012.  I definitely refrain her from buying black nylon logo appliqué messenger bag for USD1, 695.00. It look too “street wear” and she is not a gothic cult follower.



Instead I will ask her to buy Gucci black nylon messenger bag. It’s a man bag but at the same time very ok for lady, at only around USD450.00; it is cheap for Gucci standard and it is within Kiera reach. The leather trimmed woven nylon with signature web stripe down front and Rubberized GG logo with front patch pocket proved this is a real Gucci signature.  Hope Kiera can buy this bag ASAP. This is too good too be true.


Kiera, once you have enough fund, placed your order at




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