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Michael Kors Phyton Jeweled Clutch




One of my favourite words is enough is enough. I said it so many times, especially for those who seek advised from me or when I advise myself. You know, like talk to myself and stuff. This clutch is a great investment if they leave the python alone. I can’t understand why creative team in MK adding on something that is already beautiful. Ok… I can accept if you dye the skin but the LOTS of cheap looking baling?


I have nothing to say because again enough is enough!


Mickael Kors Phyton jeweled clutch USD1,495.00







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Thaksin and daughter goes shopping in Dubai


I am sorry to start this entry with an image of a very angry Thai man. He looks very unhappy plus maybe from his heavy backpack. His angry face is nothing if you compare to my former boss face if he is angry. The angry man is an anti-government protestor who really hates his former boss , Thaksin Shinawarta. But I believe this man will look like my former boss if I show him an image of Thaksin having a leisurely time shopping with his eldest daughter Pintongta at the Wafi City Shopping Centre in Dubai. (Click for video)


Thaksin and daughter must have an exciting day in Wafi . This award winning shopping mall and a reputation to match offer an exciting shopping experience. Especially they have a store with a lot of cute enamel dog, Radley. I have strong instinct if Pintongta step into Radley, she will at least look this ultra-edgy slouchy shoulder bag, Soho; which is a part of Radley London Collection.


I love Soho because the slouchy goes really well with the long tassels. Some bag has tassels but in a wrong way and the bag looking likes a mutant jellyfish. Soho tassels are minimal and it will inject a sense of effortless chic to the carrier.

The problem with this bag is at only around USD368.00 it is way too cheap for Pintongta. According to my Thai freind, she is a rich girl. Rich girl with a rich dad to match. But, who knows, because of that cute Radley dog, she falls in love with this bag.

Britain withdrew Thaksin visa and he is barred from entering that country. The only way Thaksin can get Soho London Collection for Pintongta (if not in Wafi Dubai) is from

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Be your own version of Kleptomania!

According to a survey done in my country, an estimated RM500 million (around USD131.5) lost due to shoplifter in Malaysia within 12 months. Wow… that is a big amount of lost for a country with a population less than 30 millions!

Kleptomanias are everywhere. They have a habit to steal and it is a pleasure for them if they can get away with it. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, but if it is the pleasure or stealing. Celebrity steal too like Winona Ryder steals t-shirt in Saks and Angelina steals Brad from Jennifer .


You can steal too. Especially if you can buy designer item at a very, incredibly low price. It feels like a steal, believe me. Feel that, done that. Like this incredible cheap Tommy Hilfiger Continental Iconic tote. For only USD32.99 (after less) at you can carry a designer item. It is cheap but it doesn’t look cheap. Tommy may not be in a same row Prada or Burberry, but you’ll never regret if you buy this. Well, if you get tired of it after 2 days, you can always give it to your auntie or niece. It is cheap, you’ll never feel guilty or at loss.

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Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 black time automatic chronograph USD4,195.00 at

lv-trunkLouis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Conquerant 65 USD3,520.00 at

All the above have one thing common, that is my wishlist and I can’t afford them  now and that is a good reason why I should not become GRUMPY AND SNOBBISH!

Yes, all of the above is too much for me. My earned is enough for me to pay the installment such as

i. cars- I owned two, but not really expensive car

ii. housing loan installment -not really priority, but prefer quality food. I always get free food

iv. wear -I will buy anything if I like it, branded or ‘what is that’ kind of brand. For designers, only during sale. Just do not try to mess with me during the ‘choose and fitting session’.

v. bags – yes… sometimes quite expensive but I skip my lunch to buy that. Plus I always get free food!).

vi. Insurance- for rainy day

vii. unit trust investment- my brother is an agent

viii. Misc- petrol, club membership, entertainment, occasional emergency buy like unexpected sale!

I am not living on the top of the world. I work hard to earn money. In fact, I earn by working and smiling to people. I don’t understand why people say I am ARROGANT and SNOBBISH?

This is the story. Last night, my mom came over and told me that somebody (which I am not really familiar with) told her that I am a snobbish.

It is all started when last two week my auntie neighbour daughter, M. She saw me the other day at my office and she introduce as my auntie neighbour. I don’t really know M so I am quite confuse, but I DID TALK to her. You know, a very social talk, quick and easy. I NEVER MET (if I did, I can’t remember when!), her before so I don’t see why I should really be extra friendly to her. This M girl, go back to my hometown and told her father that I am SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. WHAT? I even say bye to her!

Her GRUMPY father did some talking with my auntie that eventually informed my mom. GRUMPY father even said that I am just a guy in mediocre position and try to be SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. Mr. GRUMPY FATHER even told my auntie that he is going to do ‘something’ about it.

I AM SORRY IF I ACT INAPPROPRIATELY TO M BUT THAT UNINTENDED. I don’t felt really bad about how M felt but I don’t feel good about people twisting the story. Maybe I am a bit DIVA-ish, but come on, you can ask everyone in my office, from the security guard and cleaner lady to almost everyone about how I treat them. I am actually really kind to them!

I may be quite cruel, but that is only for some who is cruel to me too. I may look tense sometimes, but that is maybe because I am in model runway look and try to lift my cheekbone or I am really in tense).

p/s: MR GRUMPY even told my auntie that I am a ‘supervisor’ with low salary and ‘supervisor’ like me shouldn’t act like a manager. Let me tell you something MR GRUMPY, I am not a rich buy, but I am not a supervisor, I really good with my work,

I owned a business and designers item (from CK to Gucci). Because people like MR GRUMPY and daughter M, I will work hard to carry all the above bag and watch!

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Diva + sold out concert – Guy Ritchie + Louis Vuitton = 10 million dollars

Yes, yes, yes… Madonna is the new face of Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09 campaign. I am not sure who shot her but I don’t care. I am anxiously waiting her to strike a pose with LV trunk. She is no stranger representing high fashion brand because she is high fashion.

Everything she did is fashion.

I can NEVER GER ENOUGH of Louis Vuitton. Not because I own every LV because I can’t afford it now (listen: now) but everything behind LV is superfantastic.

Will keep you update!

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Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Neverfull


Classic will always be classic. Those who appreciate timeless will still purchase a similar design from a very same designer. Even it is the most copied item on earth and tasteless type bought it for less than 10 bucks, the classy type will eye only for an original. Price is not an issue here. My friends fought with her husband when he ‘forget’ to pay household bills after she spent almost USD2K for a LV tote. My friend won! That is after he convinced his boyfriend that she will never buy any bag for a year (yeah right!).I blame her husband, why you give her money to pay bills? Yes, LV and followers always win. That is the power of Louis Vuitton. Hail to LV!

Damier Neverfull Totes is one of the latest offering from LV. Actually from my point of view, it is nothing new. A very same concept, with a bit of improvising and erm… red striped textile lining. Available in 3 sizes (maybe for grandma, mom and daughter).Neverfull totes is absolutely Louis Vuitton.

No other brands or designers can copy the magic of LV bags. LV designers are so lucky. They have a very clear concept on how the bags should look like.

Your chance to pay homage to the history and heritage of Louis Vuitton travel bag is at

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Tumi Villa Magazine Tote

I have a mixed reaction about outstation meeting. I hate it if my part is like 5% of the discussion. It is like why you ask me to eat plane meal when the only question you ask me is the status? You can always text or email me right?

The best part of outstation meeting is I can watch, guess the designer and analyzing (luv it!). My happiest is when someone carry bag that I blog. That is an achievement! Not that she read my blog before purchasing it, but you know, at least I wrote and know the name of the bag. The painful part is too see woman in Salvatore Ferragamo heels, MaxMara Suit and a smell of Calvin Klein Eternity EDP carrying laptop in a canvas case in Dell, Apple or Fujitsu tag. Dell? That name never in vogue. Apple? That is fruit. Fujitsu? I know it must be something to do with Japanese.


But what about Tumi? Ok. It maybe sound like African name for some but for those who really appreciate exclusive wear, this name is everywhere on their closet. If a woman (refer to above) consider to throw Dell canvas case and put her latest laptop into Tumi Canvas with leather trimmed and silvertone hardware Villa magazine tote, I am the most happiest even my part is less than 5% in that meeting.

This tote looks like a large, edgy handbag and nothing like a laptop case. It has interior organizer pocket that can be used to put your small purse. Before (or maybe during meeting) you might to take a look on what is in for winter or what is Nicole Kidman wears. Elle and Vogue can fit in perfectly. They won’t name it magazine bag for nothing. I would like to adjourn this entry with a decision that Tumi Villa Magazine tote a very stylish and professional plus exclusive bag and that Dell canvas should go away. Please write that in a meeting minute.

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Basically, there are about four types of women; leather, beads and stud, canvas and denim and also evil.



Women who has extra cash and carry only kind like Hermes Birkin in Fifth Avenue and luxurious Marc Jacobs leather tote (USD1,295.00 @ while strolling in Langkawi. She probably will only drink Perrier or Evian and eat fresh air. They are kind of fun to be with but you must have extra cash or no limit for your card(s). These women will probably speak in fake accent. Very high maintenance indeed. So be careful.


Beads and stud

Women who loves attention. She doesn’t care about what people say. She will slip into her Ellie Saab long beaded dress and carry Roberto Cavalli Swarovski embellished clutch (USD1,755.00 As long as she is glittering and shiny she loves it. She may look like a very expensive queen or very inexpensive thing. Sometimes they kind like addicted to beads and studs. There a story buzzing around town when Santa Claus mistakenly thought these women are Christmas tree. No wonder they can afford more and more beaded shoes, bag and dress.


Jeans and denim

Women who only wear Levis and plain tees in almost anytime and carrying anything comfortable and actually dont really care about what is in Harpers Bazaar. She is not really into protocol, hates attending gala dinner and won’t be caught dead in very same vicinity with Queen of England. Some view her as cool and not little view her as slouchy. These women own nothing but kind like Tommy Hilfiger Joshua Backpack (USD 71.99 Probably they only change bag once in every five years.



She is the one who still carrying plastic bag even after Anya Hindmarch proudly tell everyone she sold all her environment friendly bag. These women are the most disgusting creature on earth. She doesn’t care if the plastic bag is the reason why turtles die and flash flood Bangladesh. They should be eliminated from planet earth.

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Baguette Rose


I believe Rose McGowan is in a mood for sexy gothic librarian look. Clad in sexy black dress (wild guess… is it Prada?) and killer heels she looks fresh, young and at the same time; mysterious.  Almost everything is mysterious; her black hair, her pale panty hose and my auntie glasses?


You’ll never know what this girl would do to you.


But nothing mysterious about her Fendi Baguette Pantone.  We can spot this bag even from miles away. This is another classic example of Baguette magic.  It can outshine and change you and the way people look at you.


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BV Toggle


We all know what is Bottega Veneta famous for. It is clean and exclusive hand woven leather. The woven that impress us and leave an impression to stranger that the person who carry Bottega Weave is someone who know is classy, bold and sometimes ultra sexy. What we don’t know if Bottega Veneta trying really hard to impress Mika with multicolor toggle across the bag.


I think BV really impressed Mika with toggle. It is a  compliment for Mika who is 20 plus year old man who is trying hard to be 10 year old girl. He can dance, sing and put all his toys into this cute beautiful bag.


Bottega Veneta small toggle USD1,850.00 is at net-a-porter. Wow… what a price for a toy bag!

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