Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Some say chance only come once. So when it comes unexpectedly, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Follow your heart and seize it immediately because it is maybe the best thing that happened to you. Brad Pitt left university just two credit away to graduate tto act in Legend of the Fall and how is a legend with like dozen of kids.

It happened to me yesterday.  I accompany my friend Hazeline to Guess because she wanted to buy Guess watch. It s a wrist watch that I think look more like a chunk bracelet than a machine to tell time.  I do not have any intention to get anything but something is telling me that I should just look around. I follow my heart and just wonder around, from t-shirt to jeans, rack to rack and there it is. Just stare at me. It is Kensington.

The messenger just keeps staring at me. It won’t let me go. I refuse to look at it because I am a messenger diet (I owned like dozens!). But it is like a some very electrifying connection between me and Kensington.


I must say NO! I need to pay bills this month that include servicing my car and the mechanic advise me to add this, add that and before I knew it, it is more than five hundred bucks!. Plus, I just spend money for my Indonesian trip (will story later!).

Yes.. I can do it, I have to walk out from Guess. But before I passed the main exit, I saw somehting next to Kensington and it state “40% discount with purchase”. Are you kidding me? I dont see any words like “Discount”, “Sale”, “Save” (Save… yeah right!) this time at any corner in Guess but the Kensington area. Well.. the less is only for Kensington and few hideous bag. Well.. Hazeline just bought that bracelet… I mean watch, so I am entitled for the discount or save or whatever you want to call it!.

I grab Kensington and sling this oversized messenger across my body and see my reflection on the mirror. Wow.. I look like an edgy, rich young kid. Plus, this is a very tough bag.Trimmed with rugged cracked vinyl and rubber hardware. I bet this is one of the most durable and stylish messenger I’ve ever had. Wait, there is No way I am going to buy this bag. What about my promise not to get any more bags? My mind keep thinking about other important bills (translate: Credit card and petrol). It’s a matter of control. So I put the bag. No way, no way. Hazeline keeps persuade me to buy the bag and just like Amy Winehouse, I said NO, NO and before I managed to say the third NO, the salesgirl said “it is the last piece, it suit you well”

What? last piece? It is stylish, a bit Gucci-ish and it is only for USD61.50 after 40% save. It is really a saving. I grab Kensington and head to the counter and pay cash using cash that supposed to pay credit card. I fall in love with Kensington. The only not so “fullfill” about Kensington is it doesn’t have enough zipper compartment inside. But, this is life, you can’t get whatever you want.

This is what we call unexpected chance. From just original intention to company Hazeline to walk away with Kensington. If you think this bag is something you should get, visit But sorry guys, you won’t get it as cheap as mine!


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  1. It was the purchase of a lifetime… so worth it honey! And It looks so beautiful on you… need I say more? Anyway I like my new name… Hazeline… I think I can go on with that…

    Comment by Hazel | November 7, 2008

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