Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


It is November and in this part of the world it means school holiday. It also a period where it is almost impossible to get a nice hotel room to stay if you don’t book as early as September or early October. I started to believe that children had been taught one special syllabus in school called “bring your parents to beach during school holiday”.


Mine is different. During my school holidays, my father will bring our family for a trip to aunties and uncles house. Yes… we enjoy our “holiday near the beach” but the beach is a walking distance from auntie Z house. I remember helping Auntie Z carrying a plastic basket to beach with all the “provision”. She believes in eating a home cooked almost everywhere. Eating out is a waste and so out of fashion.


I don’t want any of you to repeat Auntie Z mistakes. You are not supposed to carry a plastic basket to beach. Apart you will look like my auntie; you will loose your sense of style (sorry Auntie!). Instead carry something that is reasonable for mom to carry and at the same time will make a daughter feel so proud parading it while strolling the beach with a boy she just meet during breakfast (shh…. Don’t tell dad!).



It just takes a second for me to think something that fit the above criteria. It must be something from the master of geometric print and kaleidoscope colours. Emilio Pucci.

The beach bag is so recognizable and people know you are carrying one of the most beautiful masterpieces during your beach break. My choice is Sundial canvas beach bag for USD795. While buying this you are supporting the Fashion Target Breast Cancer Campaign (FTBC) because all the net proceeds from the sales will be donated to FTBC and affiliated global charities.




If you are not a yellow person, why don’t you go for Cancello print tote for USD575. It just compliments the beautiful blue sky and turquoise ocean. The colour and print is so lively and refreshing just like the taste of coconut water. Even if you are so in Pucci print, do not get carry away.  Hope you don’t wear all the prints at once just like what the stylist at net-a-porter suggest. Too much of everything bring you no good.





Beach about bag at By the way the print tunic top cost USD895.




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