Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


My nature of job required me to attend a lot of function and contrary to some of my friend thought, I love attending most of it.  The reason is because of the socializing and can wear something to impress (if I have extra budget!). Getting ready the night before is one of the most challenging and anticipating moment. It is all about how my body and mind work to mix and match.


But, when it comes to function with black tie dress code, my excitement seems to fade away. Function with black tie dress code is a the only place where you can see gentlemen that has annual salary almost equal to a small third world country annual export ‘mingle’ with the waiters. The reason is because of the black bow. Yes… that black bow.  I am really not into that freaking bow! 



Some ‘bag maker’ seems to be so fascinated with bow, or to be precise… BIG BOW! Like Valentino. It is all about BIG, HUGE bow. The red satin big bow look as you are not carrying clutch but big bow that costs USD600.00. Quite expensive for a satin bow.  Good for women who like to ‘show off’. People must be blind if they failed to notice the big bow.





It doesn’t stop with only BIG BOW, if the above is in satin; this is in plastic… erm… I mean glossy patent leather (sorry… I can’t help to say it looks like plastic). This big bow comes with logo engraved goldtone plaque with top snap closure. I am not fascinated with this bag plus it is priced at USD1, 036.00. I want to say it again, quite expensive for plastic, glossy bow.


Big bows remind me of Charlize Theron when she dressed for 2006 Oscars in Dior’s bow dress. Some people like it, and some loathe it. The one who loathe it give comments like the bow is so big like it is her other head and she can used it as a pillow if she feel like taking a nap during the Oscar ceremony.  Some people love it because this is the epitome of Dior Haute Couture.





I am strongly think Charlize look really great in that Oscar dress. She is a former model with tall slender figure, named sexiest woman on planet earth, Oscar winner, South African and she really know how to carry the dress. Ok… maybe nothing to do with South Africa but….. Please read carefully, Charlize is everything and she looks good in bow. Charlize is a pro strolling on the red carpet. Not everyone can carry the dress like she does.


Similar principle applies for Valentino bows. Not everyone can carry the bows. But if you think you have what it takes to carry the bow, look for Valentino at





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