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American has spoken. Congratulations to Barack Obama. He kicks the door and became the First African American President of United States of America. His biggest task is to form strong policies during this tough time and to also shifting from unilateralism to multilateralism. He should focus to withdraw US army from Iraq and also about Afghanistan issue and….


Ok.. Wait.. I am really not sure where the above statement came from. Why should I talk about politics? Maybe due to headlines now is all about Obama. What I can do is to look and anticipate what going to happen next. It is not what Mr Obama want to do in White House. It is about what the First Lady; Mrs Obama will wear or carry.



Now all fashionista eyes are on Michelle O (isn’t that ironic… Jackie O; Michelle O). Like her husband who put mark in history as the first black President, she makes her own mark (or splash) by wearing black with a splash of red Narciso Rodriguez dress. Everybody expected her to wear Chanel  or Armani classic two piece suit but she just turn everything off and light a new meaning of how the First Lady should dressed. The Obama victory night is actually a very-very harmonic American night. The reason;


Obama is black and white,

He and Michelle will stay in White House,

Michelle is black,

She wore dress that design by son of a Cuban immigrants.


Got it?


From dress we go to the ultimate aim of the blog; bag… this is a bag blog so it is compulsory for me to talk about bag and not dress. Dress is an agenda that can build or destroy the reputation. It is all about to wear or not to wear. Bag is different but not similar. It cannot destroy but can tarnish the image. (Oppsss….Again I started to talk like a politician… which sometimes they manipulate the simplest matter!).



Image from

Image from


All the politics and Obama is on air and designer like Timmy Woods really got into it when she design a bag inspired by Obama rallies and speeches. This bag is made from acacia wood include almost all American flag colour. Very colourful indeed. The main body is quite like a small boxy bag with the ‘necklace’ strap. If it is not because of the politics thing, I will never include an entry about this bag because not in million years I will recommend any women to carry a bag that look like a  toy. But if you purchase this limited edition bag (only 100 units available), portion of the sales will go to the charity.


Obama bag for USD375.00 @    



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